5 Food Items You Should Stop Eating in Restaurants

5 Food Items You Should Stop Eating in Restaurants

Home Food VS Restaurant Food

We are not trying to spark a debate on restaurant food vs home food. As a foodie and a conscious eater home cooked food stands out every single time on health and hygiene grounds.

When it comes to taste, flavor and variety then restaurants have a natural edge. That is why we keep visiting restaurants to please our taste buds. Lets agree we all need a change in what we eat. we love our self to experiment different cuisines spread in dinner table.

We have made a exception list for menus not to try in restaurant. It is hardly scientific to argue and prove why these menus made to our list. But you will agree your moms dal is best vs any top chefs in world. May be these simple food kindles your memory and connects with the food in sub conscious level.

Chapathi, best made in home

Chapati / Roti :

We grew up eating chapattis and Rotis day in and out for all seasons. We Indians love chapatis, especially that are home made. The preferences vary from simple ‘roti’ with ‘sabzi’ to various kinds of ‘parathas’. You can add it in your breakfast as well as your dinner.  Everyone will love it for sure.

Kofta :

Another popularized food item to mention in the South Asian countries is 'Kofta'. It is a famous traditional dish which has many variations too, like paneer, raw banana, jack fruit etc. Among these, people love ‘Aalu kofta’ and ‘paneer kofta’. They are not only easy to cook; they are delectable to eat as well.


Coming to North Indian food, the food that comes to our mind is 'Chola'. It is a recipe that tastes best with almost any food in our regular diet, and contains the healthy gram, which is rich in protein. A simple and best dinner would be roti and chola, served with the pickle that is an added bonus.


An absolute delightful food item loved by almost everyone all over India. Though it has different names, the recipe is almost the same all over. It is ‘pedakiya’ in Bihar, ‘karanji’ in Maharashtra, ‘Ghunghra’ in Gujarat. It is 'Karachika’ in Tamil Nadu. It is made from flour and can be made fried with dry fruits. It is also available in sweet shops of your locality. Yet, they can't compete with the ones prepared at home.

Pickle best made in home

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The list would be incomplete without including the food prepared by our grandmas - 'pickles’. This is something which is prepared and preserved for a long time, and everyone in the family enjoys it. It adds more taste to the food. There are different kinds of pickles prepared using lemon, mangoes, mixed veggies, etc. They are widely available at shops and food marts. But they definitely cannot beat the taste of homemade pickles.

If you subscribe to the thought that our daily dal chawal tastes great in restaurant. we found exactly the opposite.We love the food in restaurant which we dont eat daily in home.