5 Reason to eat less sugar, excluding weight loss

5 Reason to eat less sugar, excluding weight loss

Sugar the biggest enemy of Human health

Sugar is slowly surpassing its peer group of fat or cholesterol, to be the sweet enemy #1 of humans. The harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Don't be alarmed to know that sugar is hiding in almost many of the food we intake, from cereals of breakfast, dressing salads, ketchup for kids to the sweets made by our moms and grandmas.

Sugar is found in fruits, vegetables and dairy products as a compound known as fructose or lactose. In its natural state, its indeed harmless and a good source of necessary carbohydrates. The problem comes when sugar is added to food during food processing for added flavor.

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Below are the top 5 Reasons to cut down sugar as if your life depends on it (ofcourse, it does beyond your waist line):

Empty Calories (Sugar does not contain any Vitamins or Minerals)

Study reveals that sugar does not have any nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. They are just empty calories. So, taking sugary products such as pasteries, candies, fizzy drinks adds no nutrients essential to the body but increases the blood sugar level which is dangerous to health.

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Increases Bad Cholesterol Levels:

People who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to have lower levels of good cholesterol and have higher levels of bad cholesterol. To keep it simple, we are not diving into too much details of what is good and bad cholesterol but, the verdict is, eat less sugar and it is good for your body.

Increases chances of Serious illnesses:

People with higher added sugar intake have a very high chance of heart attack, liver damage, heart dieseaes and even increased risk of cancer.

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Its very Addictive:

Its really hard to have just one bite of a cookie or a piece of cake because sugar is so addictive. The feel good chemicals of our brain is activated by sugar and its difficult to resist cravings for sugar. Inspite of knowing all the harmful impact sugar have in our body, we still want more and more of sugar, a never ending cycle of sugar craving.

Save Money:

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Do you need one more reason to cut down sugar other than that it saves a lot of money? You are probably spending substancial amount of money due to your sugar craving by buying sodas, pasteries, soft drinks, sweets etc,. which are big offenders in denting your budget over time. Post intake of sugary food regularly creates high chances of getting serious illnesses. And, considerable amount of money and stress is involved to tackle it.

Many processeds food have surprising amout of added sugar. So, its always good to have natural foods to keep the sugar level intact. These reasons should be good enough to cut down our sugar intake.