A - Z of Foods. Teach Kids About Food Basics

A  - Z of Foods. Teach Kids About Food Basics

Kids Need to Learn A - Z of Food

Young age is the perfect age to learn about anything. Food is no exception. Parents spend a lot of effort to teach kids about various academic syllabus but they should also spend equal effort to teach kids about food.

Kids will need to develop deep knowedge about

A is for Apple

Improves bone health, treat asthma. Prevents lung, breast, colon, liver cancer. Best fruit for diabetic patients.

B is for Blue Berries

Makes memory sharp, improve digestive system, regulates blood sugar, cholesterol levels.   

C is for Carrot

Natural sugars make them sweet. Helps improve vision, prevents cancer.

D is for Drumstick

Loaded with minerals, proteins. Purifies blood, cure respiratory problems, enhances sexual health.

E is for Eggs

Rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper

F is for Figs

Contain many vital minerals, vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, include variety of antiozidants and omega fatty acits

G is for Grapes

Rich in flavonoids, lowers blood pressure. Prevents cancer, boost immune system, purifies blood.

H is for Honeydew Melon

Promote health skin by aiding collagen production and tissue repair, helps in regulating blood pressure.

I is for Iceberg Lettuce

Excellent source of vitamin A, K and C. Contains water and dietary fiber. Very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

J is for Jack fruit

Rick source of B- Complex group vitamins. Lowers blood pressure, fights cancer, asthma and anemia.

K is for Kiwi Fruit

Excellent source of vitamin C, K, Cooper and dietary fiber. Promotes hearth health, sleep and regulate blood pressure.

L is for Lemon

Rich source of vitamin C, that improves immune system, helps to cure common cold, obesity.

M is for muskmelon

Rich in potassium, which helps in regulating the blood pressure. Imporves eyes sight.

N is for Nectarine

Good source of vitamin A & c which helps for immune system. promotes hearth health, gives immdeiate energy

O is for Oranges

Promotes heart health, immunity system, lowers cholesterol, rejunvenate skin and prevents cancer

P is for Papaya

Rich sources of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin c, flavonoids, vitamin B and folate.

Q is for Quince

Rich Source of anti-inflammatory properties, good for weight loss. Treats ulcers, nausea and vomiting

R is for Raspberries

Promotes brain power, hearth health, prevent cancer, control diabetes, improves digestion

S is for strawberries

Excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C and manganese, dietary fiber, iodine and folate.

T is for Tomatoes

Prevents Cancer, reduces blood pressure, controls  diabetes. Improves eye health, skin and hair growth.

U is for Ugly Fruit

Contains nutrients like fiber, vitamins and calcium which are very essential for the body.

V is for Victoria plum

Victoria lum speeds up metabolism, boosts digestive health , stops premature agiing, increases immunity.

W is for water melon

Prevents asthma and cancer, regulates blood pressure, hydration, imporoves skin health and digestion    

Y is for Yam

Heals skin diseases, cure resporatory problems, supports female endocrine system, rich source of antioxidants.

z is for zucchini

Best source of vitamin A, magnesium, dietary fiber that will keep your body in the best shape for the long.