Are Eggs Good for You? Disadvantages of Eating More Eggs

Are Eggs Good for You? Disadvantages of Eating More Eggs

Does Eating Egg have Disadvantages

Are Eggs Good for You? Nutritionist are all price for eggs. Benefits of eggs outweighs the slight drawbacks of eating eggs. Eggs are a precious source of many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and source of high protein food. You may be looking for losing weight or gainnig weight. Are you looking for more protein in your diet. Are you looking for good cholesterol you have got all of them in eggs.

Eggs for breakfast are popular not just because of its nutritional value but for its taste too. Eggs are a great ingredient for baking. Sponginess and fluffiness of baked products are result of egg as ingredient. Eggs play a vital role in regional and international cuisines. Simplest recipe of hard boiled egg or just a quick omlette is popular across the world.

Eggs are a trade off between vegetarianism and non vegetarians. Many vegetarians have started eating eggs and a new group of eggitarians have emerged. Scientific approach in poultry has also helped concept of vegetarian eggs.(these eggs does not hatch)

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All the good things spoken about egg, but do you know as every good things have a bad side, eggs do have a bad side. Yes, over eating of eggs can cause serious illness.

What is over eating of eggs?

what is over eating of eggs

The number actually differs person to person. Two eggs for someone may be quite a normal. But NOT for others who have specific illness or health conditions. If the person has Cardiac, Type II diabetics or protein related diseases then the number of eggs permitted per day or per week differes significantly.

Protein in Eggs

The most advertised benefits of egg comes with a slight bad side. Each large whole egg contains 6.3 grams of protein. 3.6 grams from the white and 2.7 grams from the yolk. Protein provides all the amino acids you need to survive.

Calories in Eggs

Calories in eggs are minimal, a moderate hard boiled egg has around 78 calories. For weight watchers, eggs does not have any disadvantages.

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Eggs Cholesterol

Recommended Cholesterol limit for an average person is 300mg. One whole large egg contains 186 milligrams of cholesterol. Having egg along with cheese or sandwich can easily cross the daily permissible cholesterol levels. Consuming more eggs can raise your blood cholesterol levels and may increasing your risk for coronary artery disease.  Though egg does not have bad cholesterol its safe to limit egg consumption.

Fat in Eggs

One whole egg has 5 grams of fat and 2 grams of it is saturated fat. Recommended fat intake is around 15grams of fat. Like cholesterol and protein over eating of eggs can cause excess nutrition to us, leading to health issues.

Eggs can lead to food poisoning if not cooked properly.

Egg Whites: Pros and Cons

Choose egg white to avoid cholesterol and fat by eating only egg white. But egg whites are less nutritious compared to egg yolks. Egg white lack
vitamin A & D.

Like deficiency of nutrition, over nutrition is also harmful to our body.Goodness in eggs is too good to ignore. Eat egg in moderation. Knowing Eggs Benefits, you have to make egg as part of your balanced diet.