Best ways to chop dry fruits without sticking in hands and knife

Best ways to chop dry fruits without sticking in hands and knife

Chopping dried fruits made easy

Dry fruits are most delicious and nutritious ingredient to use in your recipes. Chopping dried fruits, especially large volume of dry fruits like Dates, Raisins, Apricot are messy, time consuming and challenging. How do we chop dried fruit easily and quickly without sticking in hands and knife? After chopping, dried fruit should be easy to separate.

Simple tips and tricks have proven to be effective in chopping dried fruits easily. Dried fruit while chopping often stick to it and become very difficult to easily cut into distinct small pieces. Having small chunks of dried fruit for your cake or other traditional cuisines are so important to enhance the taste of the dish.

So how can I chop of this sticky ingredient easily?

Do not use Food processor to chop dry fruits

Chopping by hand is the best way to chop even size dried fruits. Avoid food processors to chop these dried fruits, they are very sticky and will not get good output from food processors. Dry fruits may tend to stick to the blades of food processor and even output is not guaranteed.

Use vegetable oil as lubricant and spray on the knife or scissors. Care should be taken to apply mild or less quantity of oil. A bit of oil in hand is also a good practice. Process has to be repeated when dry fruits start sticking again in knife.

If you have decided to use food processor for chopping dry fruits, one recommended option is to freeze dry fruits in fridge for at least 30 Mins before chopping. Make sure you use small batches to chop.

Another method is to toss dried fruits with flour or sugar depending on recipe. Flour or sugar mix becomes a coating on top of dry fruit. This method works best for many cases.