Bottled water will soon be the best selling soft drink in India

Bottled water will soon be the best selling soft drink in India

Water Sales Overtakes Fizzy Drinks Sale

Water, the simplest drink sales is surging fast when compared to fancy carbonated drinks. Study shows bottled water sales trends are surging compared to its peer group of fizzy drinks.

Water is set to beat the sales record of the much hyped carbonated drinks.  In spite of fizzy drinks heavy advertisement budget, water sales is good.

If we account both organized and unorganized water sales compared to fizzy drinks, water might already be the clear leader.

Despite the bottled water industry's size, the amount of water actually sold is relatively tiny, compared to tap water volumes.

Growth of Bottled water vs Fizzy Drinks

Pepsi & Coke are ruling the beverage industry for decades across continents. Of-course we all know it. But whats shocking to know is the size of bottled water Industry is bigger than carbonated soft drinks.

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Growth of bottled water is in double digit where as the fizzy drink market grows less than 10% per year. Though there is no official statistics or data available, the trends are favourable to bottled water.

Various factors like summer, awareness on fizzy drinks health impacts, etc adds up to the sales of bottled water. Other factors which contributes to the degrowth of carbonated drinks is due to its negative publicity like, Does fizzy drinks make us fat?, Can fizzy drinks cause diabetes? Is fizzy drinks unsafe for kids? etc,.


Drinking Water sales over takes fizzy drinks sales

Arguably water will overtake the sales of carbonated drinks as more and more health consious consumers are choosing simple drinks instead of sugary drinks. Quality of bottled water and its impact is clearly a very important discussion but as of now, the emerging winner is bottled water over carbonated drinks.

With all the argument of health impact which drink do you prefer. Let us know your view in the comments section.