Calling Food Bloggers - Be Featured in Squapl Food Magazine Spotlight Series

Calling Food Bloggers - Be Featured in Squapl Food Magazine Spotlight Series

Food Bloggers Spotlight Series

Squapl Food Magazine invites You to participate in our new Food Bloggers Spotlight series.

Our mission for this series is to highlight the work of home cooks around the world contribution to Indian Cuisines. We like to showcase and promote eating healthy and home cooking.

For men, there are tons of inspiration around us to take up cooking as hobby or as a family time. You can also nominate your dear ones mom & Wife. You will be surprised to know how much money is saved if we Cook Healthy Food in Home and never need to highlight on Health benefits.

We would be happy if you would participate in our Spotlight Series by filling out the Template below.

If you are featured your blog will be published in and our extensive social media network. Please send your response to and include a photo of yourself along with the filled in template. You can also refer or nominate your friends or family whom you feel they deserve to be featured.

Looking forward to meet you soon.

Template for Participation -


Name: ABCD - your name

Blog: XYZ - your blog name

Twitter / FB :  (Any one Primary Social Media)

Location: LOC-ABC (which region you are from, this helps readers to relate themself, eg - coimbatore, Tamilnadu or coorg, Karnataka)

Describe your culinary style.
You can give a short background about yourself(where you are from, or what makes your cooking style like (vegan, traditional, regional background, Authentic culture, baking etc...

For someone new to your blog, which recipe do you recommend they try first?
Give the best from your blog and have a good intro to it, this will be most likely the Window to your blog. We will be linking your recipe page.

What is the main source of inspiration for your recipes?
You can talk about your inspirations for cooking, trying new recipes, maintaining a blog. the more original (even if its silly) its great.

What is your advise on How to preserve traditional recipes and pass it on to generations to come.
This is the most important question we like to get answer. We in squapl food magazine  encourage readers to make a little effort to have a track of their own
family recipe. Even though with internet flooded with so many recipe websites, Still a simple recipe of our mom means more to us and for our family.

What do you think is the most effective way to inspire people to cook at home?
with our fast world people are tricked by heavy marketing on food delivery service to order food home. we say cook at home. so what will be your advise for our readers to inspire and cook at home.