Cancer Causing Agents in Breads. How Safe are Your Breads?

Cancer Causing Agents in Breads. How Safe are Your Breads?

Breads Are They Safe? Investigating Cancer Causing Agents in Breads

Food safety has become more of a joke than a serious issue. Recent buzz is about cancer causing agents in breads.

Dangerous situation is not about "Why Food Manufactures use such chemicals?". But the question is how general public is so cool about all things in food which are dangerous. Our focus seems to me more on "Will Virat Kohli hit a century in today's cricket match".

It seems true - general public wants their food tasty, but at the cost of health?  Are they not interested what is inside the food.

In the era of processed food, we have to keep an eye on the food label and ingredients. We have to understand, NOT everything that goes in food are safe for us.

FSSAI, the gate keeper of food quality in India, though act slow in general are now bringing up issues on health.

In India, awareness on processed food is leading to uptick trend in organic farming. Many new startups are claiming to be "Pest Free or Organic Farming". The reality check on the authentication of their claim never or seldom exist.

The whole organic food industry runs by self declaration. Test of these organic food products are not common.

Cancer Causing Agents in Bread

Why eating bread can cause cancer?

All along we have been thinking breads, eggs are few foods which are safe and good for us. They are healthy without any second thought, when we use to consume them in a day or two. Shelf life of these products are increasing in fast rate. Consumers expect these bread are safe to consume even after 2 weeks of buying. Leading manufactures to find ways to keep bread fresh up to two weeks and more.

Many chemicals come into picture to increase the shelf life. So the bread is not cancer causing but the chemicals used to keep them fresh for long are dangerous.

Consumers want the food to be fresh for days

Consumers wants the best food product at fraction of cost.

Consumers want all the food to be tasty (leading to added sugar in many food)

What are the chemical agents which can cause Cancer?

potassium bromate - Cancer causing

potassium iodate - Thyroid Problems

Above two food ingredients are banned in many countries.

These preservatives are used in All forms of breads including Brown Breads, Wheat Bread, Multi grain Breads

Why are these chemical's banned in bread manufacturing ?

As per FSSAI norms these two chemicals are in the list of permitted preservatives list. So it is legal for the bakeries in India to use them. But citing reference from foreign countries, GOI has asked bread manufactures to voluntarily avoid this chemicals.

Meanwhile FSSAI which is the big guy guarding the food and safety in India has reported they are waiting for the test results and will finalize if these chemicals has to be banned permanently.

To support healthy life and safe food, support your local produce and buy from them. They do not use chemical like the big guys.