Complementary snacks in pubs and bars, do you know why?

Complementary snacks in pubs and bars, do you know why?

Secrets of Restaurant owners offering Free Snacks

Warning – "do not take your non drinking friends with you while going for a drink, all the benefits discussed below will be taken away from you. May be you just need them to drive you back after your drinks."

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It’s a practice in Indian pubs and bars to give complementary snacks, typically comprising of Cucumber, Onions, Watermelon, papaya, peanuts, masala papads, Chips and small quantity of chicken. Off course the offering varies depending on the place we choose.

Sooo Friendly Bar owners

All the complementary items are very healthy. Is it not sweet about the bar owners to take care of our health? We are going to analyse this to find the reason behind this practice.

After all, for sure the bar owners cannot be so good to think of our health, ultimately they want us to drink more. That’s their business.

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Indians drink alcohol a bit too fast which results in alcohol getting absorbed faster into blood and people get intoxicated more rapidly. Chances are that we may not go to that “extra” peg.

Adding to it, if we drink in empty stomach or eat less during drinking alcohol, absorption is quite faster resulting in less alcohol, the body and mind would tell - it’s enough!!

As a business survival mechanism, bar owners give us snacks. Let’s see how it helps their purpose.

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Breaking down the Snacks by groups

Veggies and fruits -

Natural properties of Cucumbers, Watermelon and papaya are rich in water and it slows the alcohol absorption into our blood. It compensates for our fast drinking and slows down the process. As a result we can have more drinks.

Nuts as a Snack –

Nuts and Cheese are good food to snack during drinking because its fat content slows down the alcohol getting into our blood. Specifically fat from nut is good fat. Peanuts being relatively cheap and delicious food, it’s given as complementary while drinking. Nuts help us in getting high slowly.

Tip: Avoid Aerated drinks for mixing

Salty Snacks

Alcohol makes you crave for more high fatty and salty food Snacks like masala papad or chips, and nature of Salty food is to have more liquid, it’s a natural process to drink more.

Little Bit of a Chicken

For any meat lover, a small portion of chicken is never enough, we don’t have to dwell more into it, so once you taste the complementary chicken we are going to surely order for our full plate of chicken.


Ultimately we are tricked to drink more or order extra food. The winners are the restaurant owners and not the customers. Next time when you hit the bar, you know the facts, so drink and eat the way your body can accept and don’t fall as a prey for bar owners.


Drink more water, no excuse for it. A lot of fluid is always good.

Eat slowly and Drink Slowly..

Have fruit Salads and nuts as your side dish and avoid pickles and masala overdose of chicken recipes.