Consumers Complaint App Launched by Food Regulator of India - FSSAI

Consumers Complaint App Launched by Food Regulator of India - FSSAI

Food Regulator FSSAI Launches Mobile App For Consumers

As one step closer towards hearing real time consumer complaints, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)
has launched a Mobile App. This will enable consumers to raise food safety related concerns via smart phones to FSSAI authorities.

By this Mobile Appm FSSAI authorities aim at addressing consumer issues directly. This in turn would help India progress towards a Food Safety Nation.

Currently this app is available in Google Play Store

Consumers can now know about the Food business Operators and get information about the Food Safety of

• Packaged Food
• Food Service Establishments

Features of the FSSAI APP

• The App is inteligent to identify your current Geo location.
• Consumers can capture the pictures of food concerns and upload directly in their App.
• Consumers can check different parameters on which the food safety is compromised. This applies for both packaged foods and food served in ready-to-eat establishments.
• Consumers can rate the overall hygiene of the Food Service Establishments (Eateries and Restaurants)
• Food Safety Laws and Food Safety Tips are prescribed by FSSAI through its Regulations.
• Consumers can know the company details of a food product by using its License / Registration Number
• It can also provide accurate information about the Food Business Operators' adherence to the Food Safety Requirements   

Review of FSSAI APP

Food S Safety Of India

Downloading and Installation of FSSAI App was smooth and seemless in Android phones. Page loading was faster but lacks user experiences. Basic form validations are not working or buggy.
Though the claim made by the app builder is promising, we hope they will act quick to fix the bugs and make this App a grand success.