Do You know about Jamun (Black Plum) the Healthy Ingredient?

Do You know about Jamun (Black Plum) the Healthy Ingredient?

The Healthy Ingredient Jamun

With summer arrives Jamun, a fruit packed with purple pigment and which has sharp, sour flavour. Jamun is just not a summer fruit with vibrant colors, but like most of the berries, jamun is full of goodness.

Jamuns are pulpy and the ripen ones have inky hue which stains your lips, tongue and fingers. One cannot forget the stains in our dress eating jamuns when we were kids.

Do you know? Farmers harvest jamuns by shaking the branches of trees and the ripen fruits falls in the ground. So most likely you will see damages in those jamuns. Wash jamuns to be clean but make sure you don't over do it, because it may become soggy.

The other names for Jamun is black plum or jambul.

Not everyone develop taste for the sour fruit Jamun. Its taste ranges from sweetness to tart sourness.

Jamuns are best eaten chilled, with a dash of salt, black salt or chat masala. Black salt is a better addition to jamun, not because it enhances flavor, but it rehydrates body fast.

Other ways to eat jamuns are

• Cook jamun pulp on a slow fire with sugar and lime juice to make a tangy jam.
• Combine jamun pulp and lime juice with sugar and black salt.

Good news is this jamun is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Jamun Fruits

Nutritional Benefits of Jamuns

• Good source of protective pigment carotene which is good to prevent cancer and lowers risk of heart disease.
• Rich in Vitamin C which improves immune system
• Prevents heat stroke by replenishing electrolytes in blood. Hydrating electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are rich in jamuns
• Jamuns have plenty of antioxidants
• Jamuns have blood - sugar regulating properties, so they are good for curing diabetics
• Jamuns help in improving digestion

Jamuns are available in markets across India during months of May-July. It's important to pick the right fruits from the heap of jamuns in the market.

Once you acquire the taste of jamun, there is plenty of reason to enjoy this delightful purple berry.