Do you know the Most Popular Indian Snacks is Not Originally From India

Do you know the Most Popular Indian Snacks is Not Originally From India

What is the Popular Snack or Street food in India?

Do you know what is the most popular snacks across India? Without any second guess or a clue the answer is Samosa. From being the savoury serverd to royal families now samosa is the best street food of India. India even celebrates official Samosa Day on Feb 29th.

This triangle shaped snack is a savoury pastry is a chaat in India. Indian samosas are usually vegetarian. They are served with mint sauce (raita), chutney or ketchup. They are also served with other traditional accompaniments like yogurt, chutney, chopped onions, coriander, and chaat masala.

How to make samosa? the most important and tasty snacks. What do we need to prepare it? The samosa contains Wheat flour or maida flour shell stuffed with some filling, generally a mixture of mashed boiled potato, onions, green peas, spices and green chili. They are deep fried in vegetable oil till the outer shell turns golden brown colour.

There is a true love between tea and samosa. Samosas are tempting to have along with a cup of tea. They are also eaten as a quick bite between meals.

Samosa's served across India differ a bit with local food influence. The fillings and preparation method changes as per local food choice, this gives samosas even more reason to love it.

samosa and tea indian popular snacks

Research tells samosa is one of the most enduring snack. Investigating its roots are leading us back to many continents and dates back to many centuries. So we decided to skip the search to find the origin of somasa. But we know samosas were enjoyed by the Royal families across the world. Today samosas is no more a royal food but enjoyed by all of us.

Where it originated or how it travelled to india is not our area of interest, but we know we all love samosas.

Shingaras are a bit different version of samosas prepared in states of Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Major Types of Samosa are

Sweet fillings (Veg & Non Veg)
Hot & Spicy fillings (Veg & Non Veg)

Listing Samosa by Stuffings

Outer layer of samosa is the same for any type of samosa, This is the fun part, you can stuff in almost any type of veggies or meat.

Chole samosa
Vegetable samosa
Chowmein samosa
Keema samosa
Cheese samosa
Khoya samosa
Egg samosa
Paneer samosa
Chicken / Fish samosa

Some unusual list of samosas are listed below

Jam samosa
Pastry samosa
Fried rice samosa
Chocolate samosa
Pasta samosa

It is interesting to find out there is a samosa lover in everyone of us. There might be a slight name change depending on the place you come from but samosas are always part of our school canteens, office partys and in our road side bakerys.