Do You know, Why is Soya so Popular and Called as Super Food?

Do You know, Why is Soya so Popular and Called as Super Food?

Soya the Healthy Ingredient

Soya is a super food and there is never a debate on it. SOYA, was not part of Indian kitchen for long, though it was popular in Asia.

Why is soya considered as versatile food?

One of the reasons could be - no other ingredient in the world is an alternate for both meat and dairy products. It is also nutritious and tastes good when added in recipes.

Soya belongs to bean the family and like many other beans, the soya bean grows in pods enclosing edible seeds.

Nutrients of Soya

The key benefits of soya are its high protein content, vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre.

A 100g serving of soya contains 173kcals, 17g protein, 1 g saturated fat, 10g carbs and 6g fibre.

Few centuries ago soya originated from fields of China. It was a staple food across Aasia. In late 1970's soya started getting prominance across the globe due to its health benefits.

Soya finds a special liking by niche group of vegans and vegetarians. We can simulate soya like traditional meat and dairy products. Recipes have evolved around soya which are in par with non-vegetaian dishes.

Soya is an excellent substitute in many non-vegetarian recipes. Soya taste good when cooked along with chicken too.

Some of the simulated forms of soya used in recipes are

• Soya chunks
• Soya sauce
• Soya sausages
• Tofu
• Miso
• Tempeh

Soya alternative of Dairy products are

• Soya Milk
• Soya Cheese
• Soya Yogurts

Benefits of Soya

Experimental studies have shown that soya protein isolates tend to lower cholesterol levels while protein from animal sources can raise cholesterol levels.

Soya Allergen

A fraction of population are allergic to soya because of presence of substance called Goitrogens. Goitrogens can interfere with thyroid gland activity. Soya also contains oxalate.

A detailed study gives an opinion "Though soya is good its better NOT to eat it in large quantities regularly".