Does Eating Eggs, Chicken or Mutton in Summer Increase Our Body Temperature?

Does Eating Eggs, Chicken or Mutton in Summer Increase Our Body Temperature?

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Summer time, we always talk about drinking more water and keeping ourselves hydrated. Do you know there are food we should watch out during summer? Few foods does not help beat the heat but increases the body heat. These food can cause temporary illness to body if let un attended. Eating as per dietary guidelines helps us stay healthy.

In general non - vegetarian foods like chicken, egg, mutton are rich in protein and produces heat during digestions. This does not help your stomach and can cause discomfort to your body. Indian method of cooking meat and chicken recipes has addition of many spices and garlic. This method of preparation of meat also increases body temperature during summer.

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Effects of eating warm foods during summer?

Foods like chicken or veggies which are considered as warm food means they are not good for your stomach. It delays the digestion process and can also result in diaraes

Irritation and coloured dark urine

Common illness like headache and stomach upset.

If left un attended it can lead to more complex health situation

Pimple in face and heat boils in body can show up

Eating chicken or mutton keeps your body warmer, true or false? Protein in general has a high thermic effect in food, meaning your body generates a good amount of heat in digesting it. We also tend to feel really warm when eating a high-fat, high-protein meal like chicken and eggs fried in butter or oil.

How do you keep your body temperature cool in summer?

Avoid protein rich food like meat, chicken, egg, crab, prawn, squid etc. Not just meat even few vegetables (mushroom) are rich in protein and its good to avoid them

Drink Plenty of water, many professionals recommend at-least 3 liters of water daily

Include fruits, vegetables regularly to your diet

Avoid traveling or exposing yourself in mid day (12 pm - 3 pm) sun light

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