Drink Buttermilk this Summer, Avoid Yogurt (Curd)

Drink Buttermilk this Summer, Avoid Yogurt (Curd)

Summer Drinks in India

Summer is fast approaching in India, Climate is gonna be extreme hot, temperatures will rise to new high. Scorching heat will take toll on health of us.
Summer starts in April and stretches up to June. As we plan for our summer vacation, we need to plan for the summer too.

Days are long and heat is unbearable during summer months. Body water level goes down fast. We need to find ways to keep us hydrated.

We emphasize drinking Pepsi, Coke or any such drinks will be the foolish thing you can do to harm your body. These aerated sodas are a strict no for your good health.

March has just started but mercury levels are rising high. Even in cities like Bangalore which are usually cool round the year are witnessing hot and humid long summer days.

Are you concerned how to handle summer and keep your body hydrated?. Here are the summer tips to keep you hydrated and beat the summer.

Tips for Summer Drinks

To offset the loss of water in your body drink plenty of water. Drinking water is the basic advise anyone will give you for summer.

Eat more fruits like Palmyra fruit (Edible jelly seeds of Palmyra Palm), Kirnip fruit, Watermelon.

Tender Coconut and fresh fruit juice is highly recomended.

Avoid any bottled cold drinks, it increases chance of catching cold.

A glass of Lemon juice, is rich in vitamin C and helps in reuducing body heat.

Convert your Curd to Buttermilk

Intead of eating curd directly, add lots of water and convert it to buttermilk. Crush curry leaves (juice, gently with your hands) and rock salt and add it to buttermilk.
Adding a pinch of asafoetida powder increases health benefit of buttermilk.

All variation of buttermik are good for health. Check out one of our favorite Fenugreek Buttermilk.

Home Remedy Tips -

In summer dry cracks appear in lips. This can be avoided by applying milk dumplings in lips.     

In summer, the water content of the body helps auto correct body temperatures and defend body from various problems. So drinking buttermilk along with water helps body maintain healthy body temperature.