Eating in a Toilet Bowl - Creepy Weirdest Restaurant in the World

Eating in a Toilet Bowl - Creepy Weirdest Restaurant in the World

World's Weirdest Restaurants

WARNING - This theme based restaurant might make you feel disgusted and gross.

Foodies around the world visit themed restaurant to add bunch of selfies with food. They are always fun and unique.

Themed restaurants are part of check list to tick before we die. Are you looking for your next best gastronomical experience. Check  out this creepy Weirdest restaurant in the world.

Surprisingly, This restaurant in Taiwan is so successful and are opening new outlets in many countries. You dont pay for the food you eat here but for the experience. Needless to say food is of good quality.

Worlds weirdest bathroom themed restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant -

Themed restaurant where everything from the cutlery to the interiors live up to the name of the place.

Restaurants serves food in bathtub tables. Customers sits on toilet seat chairs. Bathroom tiles on the walls makes up the interiors of the restaurants. All these are nonfunctional toilet accessories.

If you feel this is gross, we have more to tell you. Your food is served in Miniature toilet bowls and urinals. true to its theme all the crockery set and atmosphere around you are bathroom and toilet inspired.

Does it not feel crappy and yeak !!! Can a hotel ever exist like this? What kind of people dine in there?

Do not get things wrong. Food is great, it is one of the Taiwan attraction. Taiwanese do enjoy other formats of creepy restaurants like hospital and Jail houses restaurants.

Owner Dao Ming Zi, an ex-banker, stated that his inspiration for the bathroom themed restaurant came from a robot character from the Japanese cartoon Dr. Slump who loved to "play with poop and swirl it on a stick.

This restaurant has got place in worlds weirdest restaurants. Believe it or not, this theme has inspired many copy cat versions around the world.

Do not conclude it as madness of western world or weird south east Asian countries.

Do you know? India too has such toilet themed restaurant in Gujarat -"Nature's call toilet cafe"