Famous and Popular Food Quotes. All time Favourite Food Quotes Collection

Famous and Popular Food Quotes. All time Favourite Food Quotes Collection

Collection of Popular Food Quotes

Quotes about food are Inspirational, Motivational, Funny - here are the best collection of quotes from Chef, Foodies, Authors and from Common man

Quotes on Eating Right Food which will make you Healthy

Quote 1 -

You can become Just as Hooked on Sugar as on Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol.

Sugar Affects the same Areas in your Brain - Thorbjorg

We Say - Do not under estimate the power of sugar. It is as addictive as Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol. Watch out sugar, the sweet poison.

Quote 2 -

Appetite is Governed By Our Thoughts

But Hunger is Governed by the Body - Clement G. Martin

We Say - Choose between Hunger or Appetite. Controling your appetite can go a long way to have a healthy and longer life. Tasty Food finish its task once it cross our mouth.

6 Food Quotes Which will make you think Differently about Eating and Cooking

Quote 3 -

No Single Food Will Make or Break Good Health.

But the Kinds of Food you choose Day In and Day Out

Have a Major Impact - Walter Willet

We Say - This Quote is another version of Food is Medicine as Quoted by "Hippocrates". Decide upon what you want to eat.

Quote 4 -

Eat Beautiful Foods, Which are Nutritionally

Dense, Wholesome and Natural - Bryant McGill

We Say - Beautiful food are qualified by how healthy it is for our body. Not based on exotic colors and flavors it has by all the chemicals added to it.

Quote 5 -

Everything in Food Works together to

Create Health or Disease - T. Colin Campbell

We Say - Food We eat builds up to create health or disease. Choose between shortterm benefits and long term benefits. Every junk which goes in your body has a impact sooner or later.

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