Fitgo - Bridging Health and Food tech

Fitgo - Bridging Health and Food tech

Fitness On The Go - FITGO

Fitness and Food is the best pair, One does not exist without Other. With increase in working urban population and change in lifestyle, eating correct is important.

Working all day on computers screen and lack of physical activity causes unhealthy lifestyle. Fueling more to this culture, unhealthy canteen and processed junk food complecate this scene.

Food tech startups are trying to create a viable business model to address this problem. Health and food are hot space for startups. Solutions to this problem helps both consumers and create a successful company for future.

Startup company FitGo based out of Bangalore is into this space. FitGo helps working professionals avoid/control lifestyle disorders. FitGo provides tailored meals for different health needs.

FitGo bridges the increasing gap in healthcare and foodtech spaces using nutrition science expertise.

Fitgo runs subscription plans which are result - oriented and are designed by doctors and certified dietitians. We are not yet another calorie counted meal provider.

FitGo's "All-Meals-a-Week" is a Tailored meals to support different health goals like weight management, cholesterol, diabetes control etc.

We started talking to few doctors and reputed dietitians in the area and realized that there is a gap in demand and supply of expert recommended meals.

Doctors / Dieticians can only chart a diet out for a client but end execution (planning, buying, preparing) is left with the client which is a painful task. So we decided to put in our share.

Team FitGO

Start up stories are inspiring and interesting. We had oppurtunity to meet the team of Fitgo and understand more about thier startup Fitgo.

The founding team consists of BITS Pilani graduates with prior experience in on-demand business like Ola and Mywash.

While Ankit and Anupam worked with Business Finance team of Ola, Narendhiran worked with marketing team of on-demand laundry startup Mywash. We have built a small team for daily order fulfillment and handling kitchen operations.

Why is FitGo different, what is its USP and business model?

FitGo aims to bridge health & food-tech spaces using nutrition science expertise.

Doctors and certified dietitians help in our result-oriented nutrition plans. Profiles of these experts are available in our FitGo website.

All our mean solutions are Ready-to-consume format.

The logic behind planned-meal packages is using nutrition science to control and balance the nutrient intake for different health requirements.

For example, a stress management plan provides with comfort foods that calm down the brain cells and cuts levels of cortisol and adrenaline, stress hormones that take a toll on the body overtime.

Likewise an immunity booster plan comes with certain vitamin rich foods that strength the immune system and decrease body’s susceptibility to diseases and infections.

We have tried to map different sets of customer needs by talking to different ecosystem participants like gyms, fitness studios, dialectologists, doctors practicing at different facilities and a wide network of working professional who are the end consumers of the service.  
FitGO Nutrition Plan Food Startup
Based on this requirement assessment, we currently have two kinds of offerings:

  • General plans available for direct subscription
  • Special consultation based plans

We also serve on-demand executive meals to help public get a peek into what we promise – healthy, tasty food with a planned result.        

With customers spoilt with so many options Why do they need to prefer "Fitgo"

FitGo goes for fitness on the go. We strive to cut down customer efforts on visiting an expert, getting a diet planned for himself.

Not just getting a diet plan, we also help customers execute the diet plan. We buy, prepare and cook their meals. We have got all logistics and planning sorted for them.

As a customer, you can just order any suitable nutrition package as per your convenience. FitGo takes care of the rest.