Food Quotes: 6 Sayings To Make You Think Differently About Eating and Cooking

Food Quotes: 6 Sayings To Make You Think Differently About Eating and Cooking

Quotes About Food

Quotes are a powerful way to communicate a strong message in a simpler way. Quotes can be motivational, funny, Informational or Inspirational. Food is taken for granted as our body is capable of digesting anything. Truth is otherwise. We pay the price later.

Spread these quotes to our next generation to ensure a healthy generation to come.

Quotes on Fake Food (Not Natural Food)


"We put Toxic Fake Food into our Bodies, but wonder why we are Sick - Bryant McGill"

We Say - Look at Food labels for added preservative, Artificial Flavoring Agent, Shortening, Artificial Sweeteners etc. They are nothing but Dyes, Chemicals and Synthetic Hormones which are causing Serious Health Problems. Watch out what goes in to your mouth.


You have choice to Eat Food Manufactured (Packaged, Labelled and Marketed) OR

Return to Eat Food Given By God (Naturally Produced with Right Nutritients)

- Celso Cukierkorn

We Say - Be Wise and Choose simple Natural Food. Any food which has a list of labelled ingredient which is not natural food, those are chemicals safe to consume. Its better to avoid it.

All Time Favourite Food Quotes Collection


Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Let Medicine Be Thy Food - Hippocrates

We Say - Best Short Summary for Major Health Issues.


Control Food and you control The People - Henry Kissinger

We Say - Its true. In the name of Green Revolution we ended up producing more food but are either toxic or genetically modified. Corporate brands are slowly penetrating Indian markets and we will end up giving our lands for manufacturing of Colas and Cereal companines and fast food gaints.


We are an Overfed and Undernourished Nation Digging an early Grave with our Teeth - Ezra Taft Benson

We Say - Though this saying was in reference with USA its slowly becoming true for Indian market too.

Ultimate Collection of Food Quotes - Love of Food

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