Future of Cooking - Soon This Robotic Chef Will Cook Your Meals

Future of Cooking - Soon This Robotic Chef Will Cook Your Meals

Future of Kitchen - Robotic Kitchen

Technology is fast revolutionizing humans in ways we cannot imagine.

Futuristic technology and robotics are reality now. Do you know, You can teach your Robo to cook food as per your recipe and taste.

Robots records your movements and can replicate it. You can also upload the demo to cloud storage where everyone can access your recipes on - demand.

Cooking a perfect meal without stepping your foot in your kitchen is reality soon. This is not the story from a sci-fi movie.

This London based company Moley Robotics,  has invented robo-kitchen. This kitchen operates via built - in touchscreen or through a smartphone app. You will be able to select recipe of your choice from its built in recipe library.

You no more need to find motiavation to cook once you get back home. You can tune in to your favorite TV channel and start enjoing food. Wait, who prepares food, "Hey - I gave instructions to do so".

Imagine, if you are on your way back from work and with instructions given via your smartphone. The robots in your kitchen will prepare your food and keep it ready. Robots even understand the temperature you like the food served to you.

Robots are already part of food industry, widely used in food manufacturing and restaurants. Robo - Kitchen capability are endless.

We have listed a few features of our choice.

1) Technology will deliver on-demand chef recipes in future.

2) Robotic chef can cook Michelin start food in your kitchen by mimicking worlds best recipes.

3) Robots will be capable of chopping, preparing, cleaning your kitchen and even wash your dishes.

4) According to your taste, robots programs food recipes.

5) Cheery on the top, it does customized food styling and plating too, to impress our guests.

Robots Styling food

Consumer version of this robotic chef will hit the market sometime in 2018.