Goodness of Sabja Seeds - A Perfect Summer Encounter

Goodness of Sabja Seeds - A Perfect Summer Encounter

Sabja seeds or Sweet Basil seeds

Sabja seeds or Sweet Basil seeds (tukmaria ) is a variety of Thulsi plant. Medicinal and health benefits of this seeds are numerous. Surprisingly
this is not so popular among us. Sabja seeds are looked as flavour enhancers for cool drinks.

It is also popularly called as falooda seeds as its widely used in drink falooda and are added in many sherbets recipes.
Sabja seeds does not have a taste of its own, but when added in cool drinks it enhances the flavour and acts as coolant for the body. 

Sabja seeds are used in

Availability -

Sabja seeds are available in departmental stores in India around the year.

How to use Sabja seeds (Recipe for Sabja seeds)

1. Take two table spoon of Sabja seeds and put in a wide bowl.
2. pour water in the bowl till it covers (immerse) the seeds.
3. seeds starts growing after it starts soaking in water.
4. In about 10 - 15 minutes seeds gets a gelatinous texture and forms a transparent jelly like coating.
5. Strain excess water and seperate the seeds which are ready to be added in cool drinks or Sherbets    

Benefits of Sabja seeds

  • Provides relief or used as a cure for cough, asthma and flu
  • Sabja seeds has ability to reduce body heat and helps cool our body.
  • Helps in digestion and cures constipation
  • Can help in weight loss because Its low in calories and free of cholesterol.
  • For beautifying our skin and hair
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Precaution and proper medical consultaion should be taken by pregnant ladies and who are trying to get pregnant because basil since it lowers the levels of estrogen.