Guilty, Lazy, Irresponsible Parents. Healthy Drink Vs Ragi malt

Guilty, Lazy, Irresponsible Parents. Healthy Drink Vs Ragi malt

Its you Parents, take the responsibility of giving good food to your kids

Choices are in front of you, choose what you give to your kids, its not media, the company who manufactures it, celebrity who endorses it. Its you. Simple thumb rule. If a food to be consumed can have a expiry date of 6 months its chemcal form of food.

Lets not pretend its a shockingly revealing article, every responsible educated parents are aware of what a costly health (health??) drink means to the kids. They can talk about it tweet, FB share, like articles on it but they dont have time to make a true health drink to their kids. Blame it on TV commercials, celebrities, Gosh they make a million, irresponsible media & celebrities they endorse health drink, soft drink how bad. at last even blame it on kids, my kid is so found of this drink we cannot stop him. I am not here to educate the stupid behaviours of bad parenting. Just presenting facts.

Where are we heading?

My Elder daughter boards her school bus around 7:45 AM and few more kids joins with her. Most of days I chat with them to check what they had for breakfast. Most of Kids either say complan or Bournvita or Boost and when asked what is there in it? They reply confidently “It has calcium and good for bones “. I bet the confident answers from kids are provided by their parents and parents get it from TV commercials. Is it not?  All this milk add-ons are artificial added with Vitamin D and calcium for the development kid’s strong bones and Vitamin C with IRON for mental development.  These are not my words and I have got this from below pic.

 health drink ragi malt

Healthy, Organic Alternatives - 

Dont go for packaged spoon of Calcium, Iron & nutrients. All those Calcium, IRON, and Amino Acids are abundant in Finger millet (Ragi). Either Morning breakfast as Ragi malt / porridge or Ragi Puttu or Ragi dosa or Ragi Idli are good source of Healthy good. The Time you take to boil the milk and add bournvita or boost or complan is less as compared to the preparation of Ragi Malt/ porridge. I say its best food for kids and ladies. This malt can be prepared with Jaggary for sweet or with salt.

Kid’s loves stories a lot and the way you present a story about the good food will make them understand and they will follow accordingly. I have done the same to my kids and my friend does the same. There are many good recipes available in internet. We can make good healthy health drink to our kids in fraction of the price.

Happy parenting