Healthy Breakfast for Summer - Pazhaya Sadam (Neeragaram)

Healthy Breakfast for Summer - Pazhaya Sadam (Neeragaram)

Pazhaya Sadam (Neeragaram) health benefits and Pazhaya Sadam Recipes

Pazhaya Sadam traditional fermented food of Tamil Nadu. Pazhaya Sadam is also popularly known as Neeragaram. Neer (water) + Aagaram (food) - Water based food.

It is prepared by overnight soaking of cooked  parboiled rice in water. Left over rice is  used to make this recipe.

As a tradition south Indian farmers and villagers have Neeragaram for breakfast. This diet is ideal for the scorching hot climate in south India.

Mineral nutrients of Pazhaya Sadam:

This rice is full of Vitamin B6, B12. Nutrients such as calcium, sodium are present. Presence of selenium (0.2 to 0.3 mg / 100g)
in this fermented rice can be explained as a preventive mechanism to cancer as natural source of mineral availability.

Fermentation is one of the oldest and most economical methods of producing and preserving food.

Now american scientists have researched and have listed numerous health benefits of Pazhaya Sadam.
Besides this is good for the body, it creates billions of good bacteria's in human small intestines. Adding few shallots to this dish increases immunity and gives unique taste to this dish. Benefits of Pazhaya Sadam can even prevent swineflu and other common illness.

Having Pazvezhaya Sadam for breakfast makes the body feel light but gives us lots of energy to be active.

Soaking left over rice in water entire night helps create millions of good bacteria to form in the food.

Eating Pazvezhaya Sadam next day for breakfast helps heal ulcers in stomach, cools body temperatures. This also helps proper functioning of body. Fiber present in this diet helps overcome constipation.    

Including Pazhaya Sadam as your regular diet helps reduce weight and normalize Blood Pressure. It keeps you energetic all day long.

Traditional method of preparation in household (How to make Pazhaya Sadam?)

Washing and cleaning of rice
Cooking by excess water method
Draining of excess water in the Rice
Cooling to room temperature
Soaking of cooked rice with water for overnight (using mud pot)
Fermented rice for breakfast

How to eat Pazhaya Sadam for breakfast

Mash the fermented rice with your hands and add buttermilk to it. Drink it along with Small Onions as side dish. Spiciness of pickle gives a delicious flavour to this dish.
This breakfast gives a cool feeling for the body. Until lunch time you will not need tea or coffee.

Eat our traditional Pazhaya Sadam and be healthy in a more natural way.