Home Ready for Cough - Natural Way to Heel Cough with Fruits

Home Ready for Cough - Natural Way to Heel Cough with Fruits

Natural Way to Heel Cough with Fruits

Cough is quite common for young adults and kids. If you are having severe dry or wet cough it is advisable to go for a medical consultation with reputed doctor.

For occasional cough due to climate change, you can use this simple natural technique to get rid of cough.

Try this home made drug to over come constant coughing . Coughing is not just painful for you but it is a disturbance for people around you.

Do you know pineapple mix is effective in fighting cough and heels inflammation?

We all love citrus fruit pineapple for its sour and sweet taste. It has a unique taste which makes us eat more of it.

Do you know pineapple also comes with loads of health benefits?

Nutrients and Vitamins in Pineapple

It has a enzyme called Bromelain which helps easing pain and inflation, reduces swelling and treats fever.

Vitamin C - a natural antioxidant that protects and supports our immune system.

Manganese - Pineapple is rich in manganese.  It is an essential nutrient used to process carbohydrates, cholesterol and protein

Vitamin A - helps to get glowing and clear skin, also good for better vision

Have a bowl of fresh cut pineapple or a cup of pineapple juice as your morning breakfast. It helps to boost your day and stay active with benefits of pineapple.

How to prepare pineapple based cough syrup

1 Cup Pineapple juice
1/4 Cup fresh Lemon juice
1" Ginger
1 tbsp Honey
1/2 tbsp pepper


Mix all the above ingredient and make a syrup like juice. You can have 1/4 cup per serving. Drink this pineapple extract juice as a remedy for cough three times a day.

Heal your cough in a natural way with the home made pineapple syrup. If the condition of cough does not increase visit a doctor near by.