How to Choose, Buy, Store and eat - Fruits and Vegetables

How to Choose, Buy, Store and eat - Fruits and Vegetables

Buying, Storing and eating fruits and vegetables

People who love cooking don’t miss a chance to visit the local farmers market or the grocery store to hand pick the veggies. Satisfaction we get in doing this is a sure shot stress buster. In urban life we live far from the farm fields and all the knowledge we have about fruit and vegetables are just theory acquired from internet or through word of mouth. Common people in village have ocean of knowledge on the food they eat. We have tried to bridge the knowledge gap we have in choosing the ingredients which goes in to our dish.

Avoid eating fruits immediately after food, fruits get digested first, body uses different enzymes to digest fruit. The simple sugar contained in fruit need time to be completely absorbed by the body. Fruits when eaten alone, stomach can easily process all the nutrients, fibre and simple sugars contained in the fruit. It’s the best way to eat fruits

Tips to Look for when buying Fruits and Vegetables

While buying pineapple, see that the leaves are green which indicates that it is completely ripened. Also ensure that it is heavy and gives nice smell when you buy it.

Always, smaller strawberries taste great. Do not buy the ones without stalk or which are light in colour.

When you don’t find cloth to wrap leafy greens, you can also use muslin bags for the same. This keeps the greens fresh.

Green hard cucumbers stay fresh for about a week. Yellowish ones indicate that they aren’t fresh.

While buying capsicums, shake them to check if you can hear the seeds inside. If so, it means they aren’t fresh.

bananas not in fridge

Do not store bananas and tomatoes in the refrigerator at any cause. It prevents them from ripening. There is no harmful effect doing this but when tomato stops its ripening process then it’s going to lose lot of its flavour when cooking.

Broccoli should always be green and be in a bunch like flowers. Do not buy the ones that are spread out or in loose florets.

vegetables in market

Fruits to be bought ripen - apples, oranges, strawberries, watermelons, pineapple, grapes and cherries.

Fruits to be bought during ripening process are bananas, apricots, plantains, peaches, pears, plums and tomatoes.

If you are a health conscious person and if you can afford then you can go organic. Without any discussion let’s be aware most of the veggies and fruits are exposed to chemicals and toxins. Cleaning the fruits and vegetables in running water properly helps in removing the harmful substance.