How to Lose weight by eating two Eggs for breakfast

How to Lose weight by eating two Eggs for breakfast

Are eggs healthy for weight loss?

Eggs are not a magic weight loss food, but are a good addition to a low-calorie and low-fat meal plan to help you lose weight. Below details will help you understand better about egg nutrition.

Concerns over Cholesterol

Health watchers tend to avoid eggs despite their liking for great egg taste, nutrition value and convenience of cooking. Widely eggs are considered as having high cholesterol which is bad for health. However research says adults can enjoy eggs without impacting their risk of heart disease. Caution can be taken not to add too many cholesterol high foods when eating eggs.

Several international health promotion organizations have recommended egg as safe to consume and hearth healthy diet as egg make important nutritional contributions.

Other than cholesterol it’s all good news from egg.

fried eggs

Low in Calories

Calorie content in egg is low which helps in weight loss. Caution to be taken on addition of butter or oil during cooking. Oil or butter added during scrambling or cooking adds up to the calorie levels. User less oil while cooking.

Low fat content

Good news is eggs are low in fat too. Each egg contains just about 5 gram of fat. Daily fat needed for humans are around 78 grams. So Forget about fat which is a main reason for obesity. Caution to be taken when eggs are cooked and eaten because oil added during cooking adds fat to the food.

High in protein

Eggs are naturally protein rich. One egg contains 6 g of protein. We feel full after having egg because of protein. A breakfast that include egg could reduce the amount of calories you eat rest of the day.

How many eggs can I eat for breakfast?

boiled eggs

If you are in a weight loss diet two eggs are recommended. Having two eggs daily morning for breakfast is a very good start for the day. An egg gives you sufficient amount of nutrients needed for the day. Due to high protein it makes us feel full for longer hours and help us cutting down on additional calories till next meal. Helps us cut on intermediate snacks between breakfast and lunch.

If you are really worried about cholesterol levels and feel two eggs is too much, go with one whole egg and two egg whites. Discard one egg yolk. Nearly half of the protein and most of the vitamins and minerals are contained in the yolk so don’t skip the yolk altogether! Egg whites has no Cholesterol.

Recommended breakfast will be to combine eggs with whole wheat bread. Additionally you can have a fruit which is high in fibre. Fiber digests slowly you don’t feel hungry between meals. Take special care in preparation of egg recipe as items added in recipe like cheese, oil can increase fat levels in food.

If you have any special medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure please seek proper medical consultation.

For more information and scientific research about eggs and cholesterol, visit the Egg Nutrition Centre.