How to prepare Vegan Buttermilk (Dairy Free) using Coconut Milk?

How to prepare Vegan Buttermilk (Dairy Free) using Coconut Milk?

Tips for making vegan food with substitutes for dairy products.

Once you have accepted vegan way of living and eating it is fun exploring options for our regular dairy products and recipes made out of dairy.

Vegan groups in social media discuss actively on what are the alternatives for recipes made out of dairy products.

It is this quest of finding new dishes keeps the vegan community active and innovative. Vegans do search for the alternative to satiate their taste buds.

It is summer time and it is good to have a glass of butter milk. Vegans prefer a more guilt free food and buttermilk is a strict no in vegan diet. So what are the alternatives for buttermilk?

How to make a vegan buttermilk (Dairy Free) ?

Coconut milk is a perfect substitute when it comes to milk or buttermilk.

How to make a Vegan buttermilk with Coconut milk?

Procedure is much simpler than making regular buttermilk out of dairy milk.

Add lemon juice, coriander leaves, crushed jeera and green chillies and salt to coconut milk. This will make a good masala buttermilk made out of coconut milk.

Unlike regular buttermilk, making this is much faster and easier as it does not have to undergo fermentation.

Consistency of coconut buttermilk can be thick or thin as per your needs.

Crushed jeera, green chilies are are optional.

Keep coconut butter milk in fridge to get texture of regular buttermilk and serve chill.

Lemon can be replaced with vinegar. But Lemon is a more natural ingredient.

 Another way to make vegan buttermilk is using Vegan nut milk using nuts.. But it may be costly when compared to coconut buttermilk. India is one of the best place for fresh coconut. So coconut buttermilk made out of fresh coconut are delicious to use in recipes.