How to Reduce Weight Without Exercise. Simple Tips to Lose Weight Easily

How to Reduce Weight Without Exercise. Simple Tips to Lose Weight Easily

Why is Portion Control Important? Quick Tips to Lose Weight Easily

Number One reason for putting on excess fat or weight is obviously eating more. If we cut down the input to our body we are sure
to reduce the output. There are many hidden reasons to eat more other than medical problems.

If you are not of obese kind and just need to shed a extra kilo to look fit, below tips will certainly help you lose weight.

Portion Control - What is portion control?

It is nothing but the amount of food we eat per meal. We can easily reduce 15% - 20% of our body weight by just being aware portion control.
Good news right !!! Why eat that extra calories (food) and hit the gym or run extra rounds to lose those additional weights.

Many of us eat wrong portions or higher than what we really want to eat because of lack of awareness. Not convinced with this argument? Continue reading the
tips below to check if you are victim of any of the habits which indirectly are the cause of your additional body weight. Can those be avoided by understanding What is Portion Control .

Tip #1

Take Control of Your Food Portion in Your Plate

Portion Control to keep track of your Food Intake

If you are used to eat 5 Idli's for breakfast for many years. It is difficult to convince your brain and belly to eat 4 Idlis. But tell your mom or wife to make the Idli's slightly smaller than their usual Idli size. A 10% reduction in each idly will hardly make a difference in our appetite. but a good 10% reduction of your daily portion.

Tip #2

Pre - portion Tempting Food (sweets & desserts)

Sugar rush is very tempting and its addictive even for a grown up adult or a kid. Fix the portion of sweet upfront. If you are addicted to gulab jamun, do not
indulge in it. Pick one or two Gulab Jamuns as per your portion control and never look back. If clear instructions are given to our brain it obeys better than a free mind.

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Tip #3

Avoid junk food over a discussion or tea time.

Discussions and friendly meetings are the places we munch that extra french fries or an extra samosa's. If you are health conscious order a bowl of fruit
along with your junk food. This will help you reduce the mindless junk food munching.

Tip #4

Small The Plate Better The Portioning

Many of us are taught not to waste food and eat until the plate is clean. While it is a very good habbit it is bad for diets. You can replace your bigger
plates with smaller plates. Additional benefits with this technique. Your regular portion of food will look excess in smaller plate and you may tend to eat
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Tip #5

Gate keeping junk food entering home

The most effective way to avoid junk food is buy cutting it down while you purchase. This is the most easiest way to cut down on your junk food intake.
It is easy to say no to the junk food in super markets racks than in your kitchen cupboard.

Tip #6

Keep biscuits & sugary drinks out of sight

It is very difficult to avoid grabbing a packet of biscuits or a can of pepsi / coke when they are sitting in our fridge or cupboard. So foods which are to be avoided keep them out of your sight. Believe it, it is a powerful technique to cut on your food intake.

Tip #7

Avoid TV while Eating Food

Though this is preached for decades the approach does not seem to have any impact. Only in health and fitness columns we write about eating as a family or turning off the TV during dinner time. But in reality it has become practically impossible. But the truth remains the same. It will be
a good idea to turn off TV while dinner. We may tend to eat more while watching TV. May be that is one of the reasons hotels and restaurants screen sports and movies in dinner halls.