India Needs More Home Bakers. Do you know Why?

India Needs More Home Bakers. Do you know Why?

Oppurtunities for Home Bakers

A silent but powerful transformation is happening in our system today. Change is organic and un-organized. Many home bakers are making that extra money from their passion for baking. For few bakers, their passionate hobby is now turning to be a serious business.

Many home bakers have started on their own and others have tied up with food delivery companies. Its been a great opportunity for home bakers to enjoy what they do and get paid for it. Its just not the money but the satisfaction of being part of that birthday party or occasion.

Thanks to social media for giving platform for connecting with fellow home bakers, customers. Word of mouth is the biggest marketing tool for home bakers along with posts in social media.

Why should we encourage Home Bakers

One line answer for above questions. "For your own Health Reasons". Unlike big brands home bakers do not use preservatives and artificial chemicals. Cake or Cookies are fresh and hand made.

Cookies we get from stores are machine made and processed for high shelf life. We need to spread the awareness to people on benefits of buying from home bakers.

From the days of selling milk by the ladies of house, Women of India are always entrepreneurial. The more we encourage these smaller bakers we help create a eco-system for women empowerment.

To tell the tale from one of the home baker turned entrepreneur lets meet Nandini Hegde, Co-founder, Bake-ooh Home Bakery.

On her words - Bake-Ooh is a twist on the Kannada word 'beku' which means 'want'. My mother (Mukta Hegde) and I have always been passionate about baking. We used to bake desserts, cookies, and brownies for our family and friends. Compliments from them excited us to try and do better. That is when my brother Shailesh Hegde encouraged us to start Bake - Ooh.

Today we make a mix of nutritious and delicious baked treats. We highlight all products have no added artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers.

Chocolate cookies from Bake-Ooh

Our most popular treats are:

Oats Banana Chocolate Muffins - Healthy, egg-less, and perfect for a mid-day snack.
Millionaire Shortbread - A layer of chewy caramel sandwiched between crumbly shortbread and sinful dark chocolate.

Power Bars - These oat-based bars packed full of proteins come in Classic and Dry Fruit variants.

Our signature treats like Chocolate Ragi Cookies and Ragi Beetroot Chocolate Brownies are in demand among the working professionals.

Guilt-free Snack Bag:
We started curating assorted snack bags in November and the response is good.

You'll find all the info about it on our Facebook page - Bake-Ooh. We also have a regular menu so people who want to buy just one kind of product can do that.

We always take feedback from our customers to make sure that we improve with every order. Our customers ask us to make a variety of products so we experiment all the time to make sure they're satisfied.

There have been a few challenges like packaging and delivery. But it hasn't been a long time since we started so we are just going with the flow.