Infused Water Recipes - Pomegranate, Lemon and Ginger

Infused Water Recipes - Pomegranate, Lemon and Ginger

Pomegranate, Lemon and Ginger - Infused Water Drink

Summer calls for a lot of water. Time to pamper your body and staying away from dehydration. Here's a quick and healthy way of staying hydrated with Infused Water containing Pomegranate, ginger and lime. It's much more than regular water which is naturally flavored. It's not only a health drink but a tasty refreshment, which keeps you fresh! 

Check out the benefits of drinking infused water in Summer. It never gets boring to drink Infused Water as we can pair infused water with common ingredients from the kitchen.

Pomegranate is one fruit which is full of antioxidants equal to those in green tea and red wine. They are also loaded with vitamin C and Potassium.

Health Benefits of pomegranates:

• Lowers risk of heart diseases
• Lowers risk of cancer, especially prostate and breast cancers
• Lessens the symptoms of diarrhea
• Reduces cholesterol & Helps in weight control


• 1/2 pomegranate (deseeded)
• 1 inch Fresh Ginger (peeled & grated)
• 1 Lemon
• Ice Cubes
• 750ml Water (avoid warm or hot water)


• In a clean jar or vessel, pour about 750ml of water. Use filtered clean water
• Smash the pomegranate seeds gently to slit open the membrane so that the juice flows out
• Add pomegranate seeds, lemon and grated ginger to the water
• You can squeeze the juice out of pomegranate for quick soaking
• Do not add more lemons because it may cause bitterness to the drink
• Give a gentle mix to the water along with other ingredients.
• Refrigerate it for 4 hour or overnight. Keeping the mix over night gives more flavor
• If you are not keeping in fridge, do not keep in room temperature for more than 4 hours as it might not taste good.
• After refrigeration or storing, filter out (strain) only the water from the jar
• Add required number of ice cubes to the water, stick a straw in and enjoy this refreshing drink!