Is Chaat Masala Healthy?

Is Chaat Masala Healthy?

What is Chaat Masala? Are they Harmful?

‘Chaat masala’ or Spice Powder mix is popularized by delicious cuisines in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. People from sub - continent use Chaat masala's in every day cooking.

Chaat masala are best when they are homemade. Numerous "how to make chaat masala recipes" are widely available in internet - "How to make homemade Spicy Chaat Masala powder" or it can be bought in stores. Chaat Masala are available in different flavors in market.

Do not confuse Garam masalas with Chaat masalas, they are different and are used for different purpose in Indian Kitchen.

How to make Chaat Masala in Home

Chaat masala is made with mix of following Spices (mixing proportions vary)

Dried mango powder (generally known as ‘amchoor’)


Dried Ginger

Salt (black salt or ‘kala namak’)


Asafoetida (or hing)

Black Pepper

Chili Powder

The quantity and quality of the above mentioned ingredients varies a great deal. It depends on the seller as well as the purpose for which it is used.  For instance, ‘fruit chaat masala’ is sprinkled over fruits to add flavor to them. It has less quantity of cumin, ginger and coriander, but more of chili powder, amchoor, hing and black pepper. 

Is Chaat Masala Healthy?

By having a quick glance at the ingredients added in preparing Chaat masala we can confidently conclude, "Chaat masalas are not bad for us".With all the good spice mix we give a caution because Chaat masalas are not directly eaten. Chaat masalas are flavouring agent for most fast food, finger foods or street foods. With enahnced taste we can get addicted to the food.

Chaat Masala makes a dish tasty and appetizing. You can find them used in the street food snacks, and to enhance the flavors of a dish.

Food enahnced with chaat masala are appealing and you may indulge in few extra bites. Chaat masalas can addict you to binge on the street food regularly. Whenever you cross that chaats street vendor you stop by to have a bite of your favorite - Aloo Chat, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri and Papri Chats.

Now you know why Chaat Masala is bad for you. As long as you have a check of how much you eat it is always great to have a pinch of chaat masala. It does have a bit of health benefits too.

Understanding Chaat Masala for Logical brains -

Yes, chaat masala is good for health and it is absolutely safe to have it in our food. But, excessive eating of them has adverse effects.

Avoid Extra Chaat Masala

Asafoetida or ‘hing’

Is an ingredient which has its applications in medical purposes. It is an anti flatulent agent which reduces the indigenous micro flora in the gut lining. It also helps in digestion and keeps our stomach clean.

But it has its own disadvantages as well. Too much quantity of asafoetida shows some side effects in our health. It includes vomiting, nausea, and irritation in throat, swollen lips and also diarrhoea in extreme cases.

The scenario is almost same for every other ingredient of ‘chaat masala’.

Chaat masala being a favorite food item is readily available in the market. Street food sellers mix their own variation of chaat masala, it may be tasty but there is no quality check on what they mix. It is good to ensure we eat from the right chaat walas.

Chaat Masala Conclusion

Try avoiding Chaat Masalas often in your dishes. Consuming it in a small quantity won’t affect your health. Importantly, make sure you are buying it after checking out the proportions of the ingredients.