Mood Swings - eating right, food can help improve good and bad mood fluctuations

Mood Swings - eating right, food can help improve good and bad mood fluctuations

Eat right for good mental health

We are always told eat right good for health but do you know eating right is good for our mental health. Take control of your days, the good and bad days. Check out our list of time tested food to overcome your moody blues.

Say No to Sugar Craving when in bad mood

When in bad mood the natural craving is to have more sugary food. Foods rich in sugar do help temporarily but when the sugar level comes down body longs for more sugar. This can be dangerous if not controlled, ending up eating more carbohydrates and sugar leading to worst health conditions.

Dark Chocolates are good

When in stress pick up a dark chocolate, they are rich in cocoa content. Dark Chocolates release endorphins and boosts serotonin levels. But be sure you are not eating a sugary chocolate. In India most of the chocolates are more sugary and less in cocoa.

Brazil Nuts or peanuts

Both Peanuts and Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium. Having few brazil nuts daily will help us to maintain our levels of selenium which are most likely to cause us depression, irritability and anxiety.

mood food curd yogurt

Yoghurt (Curd)

Yoghurt is a very good source of calcium and protein. This helps us ease mood swings, depression and anxiety.


Banana is rich in potassium and has plenty of nutrients. Banana is a instant powerhouse of energy and if we are tired of fatigue then banana can surely be the fruit to go for.

Spinach & Sweet potatoes

Spinach is rich in iron and a great energy booster and wards off fatigue and helps us to concentration. Like Sweet potatoes, spinach is also rich in folate which is essential supports for the brain’s ability to produce mood fluctuation.

Along with food if you can do a bit of workout then you are sure to beat the stress and mood fluctuation as during exercising it releases endorphins perfect for treating mild to moderate mood fluctuation.