Moringa Leaves are Back in Trend - Know Ingredient Drumstick leaves

Moringa Leaves are Back in Trend - Know Ingredient Drumstick leaves

Know Ingredient - Moringa Leaves

First step for good cooking is to learn your ingredients. Indian cuisines have many healthy ingredients which are not so popular. Many such ingredients are either available for free or less cost.

Moringa leaves is one such ingredient with massive health benefits. Though available across India, they are not popular for its medicinal properties across India. Moringa loaded with Iron is also used to cure ailments.

We need to re-discover this miracle green leaf and introduce it to the next generation.

Moringa leaves has over 90 nutrients which makes it idle to be added in meals on regular basis.

Taste and Flavour

Moringa has a subtle and slight sour taste. The leaves have unique aroma like roasted nuts. Sprigs of moringa leaves are used during home made ghee preparation. Moringa leaves give aroma and ghee extracts juice of leaves as its dipped in ghee when hot.

Popular benefits of moringa are

• Helps rebuild weak bones
• Enriches anaemic blood
• Enables malnourished mother to breastfeed
• Helps control high bp and diabetes

Every part of this tree (flower, seed, pod, leaf) is edible and of high nutritional value.

Fowers of moringa loaded with potassium and calcium

Leaves are used in curries and salads

Seeds are roasted and eaten like peanuts

Pods of drumstick are commonly cooked in curries or soups

Moringa has qualites to be world's valuable culinary plant from health perspective. Along with drumstick, start taking moringa leaves in your regular diet for better health.

Availability of Moringa Leaves

Moringa leaves are available in local stores and markets. Indian climatic conditions are ideally suited for growing moringa trees, you might have a tree around you.

Moringa leaves are also available in fresh, dried and in powdered form in super markets and online stores.

Check out delicious recipes made of moringa leaves.

Next time when you go for grocery shopping, do not just look for drumstick but also for moringa leaves.