Naturally Yours - Bringing Organic Food to your Doorstep

Naturally Yours - Bringing Organic Food to your Doorstep

What is Organic Food

What is so Organic about the food we eat? Are we eating Non - Organic food all these days. India and world are today in a state of emergency to reverse the way food is grown and eaten.

For centuries we eat food grown from our farm land. We also know our milk man, farmer and farm land. Today, Not just in cities, but also Tier II and Tier III Cities, food comes in attractive packets. Endorsed by our favorite bollywood stars or cricketers who have No idea of what they promote.

FMCG companies decide what we eat. Foreign money runs the entire food industry and food companies. Efforts from flag bearers of Organic foods and few Non - Profit organization are getting little importance. FMCG companies have managed to remove most of our traditional food from the ecosystem. Consumers are not aware where they have to look for if they want to eat traditional food like millet.

Changing food Habits - Organic Way

"Organic food contains more of the good stuff we need, and less of the bad stuff that we don't need". Your health is in direct connection to the food we eat.

We are happy to see few startups trying to do what is good for us.

It is time for the change. Startups like "Naturally Yours" are setting up new business model for sustainable farming. A platform for consumers to buy Organic food at affordable price through eCommerce companies.

With less or no marketing budget, these startups are making their inroads in to this sectors. Word of mouth and quality of products sold are the key for expansion.

naturally your co-founders

Naturally Yours - Live healthy, Live Organic (

Vinod Chendhil Co-Founder (Naturally Yours) talks about his startup journey.

Naturally Yours, Co-Founded by me and Priya, who is also my life partner. We started in Feb 2010 to solve one key problem. Make wide range of organic and natural products available to customers in one single location.

Last 5 years have been the most wonderful of our lives, we have seen the highs and lows of our business and every failure has made us stronger.

Today Naturally Yours has evolved from a brick and mortar to an eCommerce company. With over 100 products it is a brand now.

Currently we have customers in every state and union territory (except Andaman and nicobar Island). We are small team based out of mumbai. We are 8 including myself and Priya and a team of 7 delivery and packing staff. So a total of 15 people.

Organic and natural market in India is growing at a rapid pace today with a CAGR of 30% and is set to touch USD 1 Bn in 2015.

Since we have now moved on from a eCommerce model to being a brand, our major competitors in this Industry is 24 Mantra, Phalada, Conscious Food & Organic Tattva.

USP of our products are great quality and consistent availability. Availability is one of the biggest concerns for most brands. So it is important for us to have a great working relationship with farmers.

Expasion Plan -

Today we are a internet first model company. Later this year we have plans to launch modern and general retail stores in 4-6 cities across India.