Oh Boy, Reject Foods, Choose foods - advise even your parents might not Know

Oh Boy, Reject Foods, Choose foods - advise even your parents might not Know

Food and Kids

For all the teen boys out there growing into young adults, teach you the best eating habits. Things have changed and most parents do not know what it means eating 2000 calories a day and balanced diet plans.

Your parents never had computers, mobiles, pizza or burgers. Their lifestyle demanded them to be on cycle or have a healthy walking either to take a bus ride or to nearby grocery store. Food parents had been very simple food. But those simple foods had complex nutrition supporting healthy body. We cannot complain much. Things have changed and let us accept what it is.

Survival is the key word. Human race have thrived by the very motto of survival for centuries and change drives this.

By welcoming sudden change in technology and food habits, it is our duty to adapt to new food habits. Do not reject importance of nutritious food. We have compiled a list of items every growing boy or a young adult has to focus.

Tip #1 Cut the Short Cuts to health

If a company educates / markets and claims to give you a handful of nutrition to build your body, loose fat you have to give it a big NO. Reject those claims and act smart. Why in the world will any

One be interested in your health and will advise you to have a spoon of chemicals. He is your biggest enemy number one. Do not get sold by fancy advertisements sold by your own icon from movie or sports. Oh boy you are conned.

Always go for simple traditional Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, fat - free or low fat dairy foods. Dry fruits are a great source of unsaturated fats.

Watch out for your Salt and Sugar levels.

Water, Water, Water is also a food which should not be ignored.

As a teenager you might be intimidated by TV commercials to believe having a Aerated Soda tin is super cool. Oh boy - do your homework. You are literally holding a can of unhealthy ingredients,

Caffeine, Sugar which exceeds RDA approved daily Intake.

You are better of skipping your packaged fruit drinks, aerated Soda and all the sugar sweetened drinks. You are better off without those ingredients which are not nutritious and also harmful to your body on a long term.

Strengthen your Muscles

teen boy building body

As a young adult being fit and looking fit gives a lot of self confidence. Flaunt your body with all the girls around you. But do not over do on exercise. Consume enough proteins to help build good body weight and strengthen muscles.

Tip #2 Dude, Start cooking yourself

A guy who can cook is most in demand among girls. A way to someone’s heart is through Stomach. So boys pick up a recipe or dish and master it. Fix your own snacks and meals. Knowing more about food is a good conversation starter. Girls are going to admire your knowledge about food and ingredients. Guys, microwave cooking is not counted as cooking.

Teen boy cooking in kitchen

Cooking is a stress busters and a type of meditation.

Tip #3 Learn to read the labels

Take care of your body needs and nutritional demands. Iron, Proteins, Vitamins and minerals are all required for the body in right proportion. Even Fat is important for body. So watch out to the guidelines according to your age, height, body weight. Geography of where you live and other factors like region you live, vegetarians or meat eaters also plays a major role in what you eat.

Spoiled with all the choices of food and ingredients, young adults have to make a informed decision. Boys, learn to reject foods you do not need for your body and have right amount of food to meet.

Manage your daily recommended nutritional values. Never be an underweight or a overweight teen. Look out for great advice on internet to learn about healthy foods for young boys.

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