Sources of Protein from Indian Food. List of Protein Rich Foods

Sources of Protein from Indian Food. List of Protein Rich Foods

Why do we need Protein?

Protein is a essential nutrient for your body. Protein controls metabolic functions in body. Without protein you cannot bulk up your body or flaunt a six pack. As more young generation focus on health, fintenss & body building protein becomes the key for their workouts.

As a easy alternative many health freaks opt for protein shakes and protein powders. This is a harmful practice for your long term health. In take of our protein must match with our body workout. Excess protein causes more health damage.

We have compiled a list of good protein source for the weight watchers. Vegetarian foods do contain good amout of protein for you to build your muscle mass. So do not get sold by the idea of vegetarians need to take this readily available protein powders to put on muscle.

Vegetarian Source of Protein

In case of more clarity or specialized suggestions its best to talk to your doctor.

Let's see some of the protein rich foods which are available in India. They are not only healthy and nutritious but they also play a vital role in your diet.

Dairy products

Milk, Cheese, Paneer and Yogurt are excellent source of Protein.


One of the best sources of protein which is most available in the market is milk. If you have any misconceptions that milk is only for children and not adult, then you must refresh your knowledge. One glass of milk in the morning gives you a great boost for the day. It will make you energetic from the starting of the morning.


It is a product made from milk and has high protein content.


Rajma, Chickpeas with Chapattis are a good option. If you are a vegetarian, you can have this as your staple diet for dinner. Multi Grain flour to make chapattis is another healthy alternative to maida chapattis.

Soya Milk

Soya milk which contains about 7gm of proteins in 200ml bottle is a excellent source of Protein.


Nuts like cashews, almonds, and peanuts are high in protein. The highest amount of proteins are available in Brazil nuts.

For Meat eaters below list will lighten up your mood

Boiled egg is the most protein rich food for people who prefer non-vegetarian food. One egg contains about 13% of the required protein content for the day.

Meat, being another option, is also rich in protein. You don’t need to worry about your health issues as far as you intake them in a limited quantity. The breast part of chicken and liver part of mutton and chicken contains the most amount of protein. Also, it is good to avoid chicken/mutton products from the roadside stalls as much as possible.

Fish like salmon, tilapia, sardines is also a great source of protein. If you prefer fish over meat, then these would be the right options for you.
These were some of the items that we have short listed for our readers. We care for your health as much as you do.

Try cooking delicious recipes out of these protein rich foods, from our recipes section. Eat healthy, stay safe!