STOP - Cartoons Selling Junk Food to Kids

STOP - Cartoons Selling Junk Food to Kids

Cartoons Marketing Junk Foods

Warning to Food Industry as quoted by Annalappe "Do not tell what our kids to Eat. Its none of your businesss."

Tune in to your favorite sports or movie TV channels, you will find cartoons have become sales men. Yes, cartoons now sell products like biscuits, chocolates, noodles, chips and aerated drinks. Along with celebrity sports and movie stars cartoons play a major role in leading the junk food campaign.

Kids become obsessed with products endorsed with this cute charismatic cartoons. Junk food and drinks industry has figured out how to get kids hooked on to their products.

Data shows whooping 2 billion dollars are spend on advertising food products to kids and young adults.

These advertisements has direct impact on health and illness of young kids. They are able to make an impact on the minds of kids and young adults at an early age.

Average kids see advertisements in tune of 4500 times in a year. This is a large exposure which can change the way kids think of food. Impact of this advertisements is life time.

Sripriya Venkiteswaran Ph.D. Nutrition Communication and Strategy Consultant has written a three part Article on "Food Advertising to Children in India". Article is elaborate and covers fine details on this topic.

Most of the food advertisements are food and drinks which are high in fat, sugar and salt. it makes us eat more of this junk food.

Through advertisements, food industry is able to build brand royalty which lasts for a life time.

Pester Power - 70% of parents say they have brought a product because their child wants it. Advertisements have such high influence and creates pear pressure on kids.

Advertisements are just not eye catchy but they involve physiological aspects too. Questions in advertisements like "Are you giving right food to your kids growth?". These questions make parents feel that they don't feed their kids with right food.

Multiple Channels Cartoons are used to sell junk food

Television are not the only medium used. Fast food companies have many touch points to connect with kids.

#1 sponsorship for education programs, classroom curriculum, class notes, school box, pencils, gymnasiam, hallways and school buses are some of the new marketing ways.

#2 Food companies are even partnering with trusted public institutions to build brand royalty. They fund for women empowerment, kids education and breakfast for under privileged kids.

#3 Majority of young generation is active online and food companies target them in all social media channels like youtube, facebook and twitter.

#4 Fast food companies promote their products by giving goodies through Online contest. Contest range from video games, mobile games etc.

Impact on Junk Food Advertisements on Kids Health

All these advertisements have life and death impact. Obesity tripples, chances of young adults having diabetic, heart related diseases, high bp, asthma and cancers are high.

Good news is this is totally preventable. Parents should first understand the importance of avoiding such advertisements and educate kids. If you teach the kids about good and bad food they will listen. 

It is not late for governmnet to stop these advertisements targeting kids. Government level policy changes should start atr grass root level. Policy makers should put pressure on these food companies to stop misleading advertisements and using cartoons selling foods. 

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