Sugar Story - The While elephant in the Kitchen

Sugar Story - The While elephant in the Kitchen

Sugar Story - The White elephant in the Kitchen

Heartening but true, "Your Kids are Addicts", yes sugar addicts?

It is a hard truth to accept, In most cases parents are the one who encourage "addiction of Kids". Without further suspense lets us speak about the most important aspect, "Sugar".

Does your kid love chocolate, candies, biscuits, breakfast creal, packaged juice like tropicana, maaza, fruiti, flavoured milk like boost, horlicks and bournvita?

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These are nothing but sugar coated evils which parents feed their kids. Trapped by extensive marketing, parents believe these foods are very nutritious. In most cases the nutrition of these food
is negated by the amount of sugar and preservatives added to it.

Sugar Addiction is 8 times addictive than drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Sugar affects the brain and destroys the body from inside out. Try to stop it and educate the kids. This generation is dangerously facing excess load of sugary products. Symptoms of sugar addiction are slow and many times never show up. If let unchecked it can cause potentially ir-reversiable damage.

Sugar Story - The white elephant in the kitchen
Parents defend themselves against this argumnet of junk food. In most cases it is the convenience of the parents, resulting in feeding the kids with these sugary products. All these food products are added with sugar to tempt kids to eat more.

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Though expensive than our regular Idli or dosa, parents, specially the working parents are comfortable feeding kids with Cornflakes and Chocos. Sadly, parents feed them under the impression of giving healthy food.

Adding two spoon of sugar to bowl of cornflakes shoots the sugar intake many fold. Parents are not aware that milk and cornflake both already have sugar.

Sugar Addiction Cycle

Sugar Experiment

Deny your kids their most favorite health drink, chocolate biscuts, chocolates and feed without sugar and flavours. Your kids are gonna be cranky and will start showing tantrams and will either avoid the food or will fight for their daily dose of sugar.

First lesson is to agree and understand that our kids are getting addicted to sugary products. You dont have to treat them like a diabetic patients. But carefully educate them about the ill effects of sugar.
If the kid does not learn to control sugar craving, as a parent you are failing in your duty to give a healthy future for the kids.

Sugar, the dangerous white elephant is sitting in our kitchen. Lets learn to tame it and control it. do not deny the pleasure of eating sugar for kids, teach them to handle sugar.