Summer Drink - Taste The Kerala Special Kulukki Sarbath (Shaken Lemonade)

Summer Drink - Taste The Kerala Special Kulukki Sarbath (Shaken Lemonade)

Kulukki Sarbath - Summer Drink of Kerala

It is Official, Summer has started. People all over India are finding ways to keep themselves cool.

Availability of ingredients and local climatic conditions help create unique drinks for summer. We need to keep our body hydrated by drinking buttermilk, fruit juices, tender coconut, etc. 

Latest summer drink innovation from Kerala - Kulukki Sarbath - Kulukki (Shaken) + Sarbath (Juice)

This drink is quite popular in the northern Kerala areas of Cochin.

The success of this Kulukki sarbath is mind blowing. Have a look at their facebook page (Hally Kulukki) for Kulukki Sarbath Lovers.

Do you want to learn this simple Recipe - How to make Kulukki Sarbath?


Basil Seeds - 2 teaspoons
Lemon - 2 (extracted juice)
Ginger - 1 teaspoon
Green Chilli - 1/4 teaspoon (chopped)
Soda - 2 Cups
Sugar - as required
Ice Cubes - as required

Beat this Summer Heat by Preparing Kulukki Sarbath

Soak basil seeds in water for about 10 minutes. Filter out the basil seeds and keep the seeds separate.

Mix these ingredients in a shaker  - soaked basil seeds, lemon juice extract, ginger extract, green chilli, soda and sugar.

Shake well for 20 - 30 seconds with all the ingredients and add ice cubes. 

Your Kulukki Sarbath is ready to be served chill.

Benefits of Drinking Kulukki Sarbath

1) Ingredients of Kulukki Sarbath are all natural. No Artificial flavors or colors are added.

2) Lemon and Basil seeds give a wide range of health benefits. Hence, it's easily a preferred drink over any aerated drink.

3) Helps to bring down your body temperature and keep you hydrated.

Do try out Kulukki Sarbath this summer and share your comments.