The Forgotten Millets - bangs into urban kitchen like never before

The Forgotten Millets - bangs into urban kitchen like never before

Millets getting re-introduced to us

The dramatic up-tick in obesity, tooth decays and cancers in kids has contributed to the quest of more perfect grain, and the treasure is in Millets. A lot has to be told about Millets, will try to make it interesting with many references and facts. It’s a must for all of us to take time out to read this article more than reading the same old repetitive gossips from bollywood.

What is so special about millets? Millets contain double the amount of minerals and fiber and are low in sugar content when compared to rice and wheat. It’s a store house of nutrients. It’s not a bird’s food. White rice breaks down to glucose very fast which in turn increases blood sugar level, the millets slowly breaks down because of low glycemic. Most of us are aware and it’s also proven that the white rice we cook is polished multiple times to look attractive.

Millets quotes - “Millets are predominantly starchy. The protein content in Millets are equivalent to that of wheat and maize. Finger millet is known to contain the lowest fat among the food grains. Millets are also relatively rich in phosphorus and iron. They are good sources of B-complex vitamins too.”

Sahaja Samrudha quotes - “Millets are amazing in their nutrition content. Each of the millets is three to five times nutritionally superior to the widely promoted rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals and vitamins?”

Profile of Millets – Millets are food for future, astonishingly low water consuming crops.

Types of Millets

Indina Millets varities

What to and How to cook with millets:

It’s neither a rocket Science nor need to be a best chef to prepare. My grandmother used to say that these millets are called as Rice i.e varagu arisi / saamai arisi (in tamil) etc in their days. Whatever recipe you prepare with white rice can be prepared with millets. You find lots of recipes in internet with millets. We feed our kids with Foxtail millet / Thinai (in tamil) pogal its not our traditional white rice pongal. Kids loved it and I bet you will too.

Benefits of eating Bajra (Kambu) Pearl Millet

Plenty of recipes are now available online but its not consolidated. websites like squapl curates best Millet recipes from good websites like

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My Friend with his son visited my home and I prepared him curd rice with little millet / saamai arisi (tamil) adding pomegranates & dried grapes. He asked for thrice to refill his plate with little millet / saamai curd rice (Looking him my two daughters had double the quantity than their regular). That day throughout I had a question in mind, who brought in the practice of having noodles/packed food /fried chicken in kids?

Food for thought parents:

70’s Parents never had a mindset to provide unhealthy foods to their kids. I remember my parents used to say that hotel foods are not good for health. Is it not? But the parents of Globalized civilization never consider rethinking before they end up in KFC or Dominos or Pizza hut or Burgers or Wraps or any Indian style restaurants at least once in a week. The worst part is we are very well aware of the fast-food quality but still we provide them to kids.

Let’s rethink and give kids a better health to live.

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