The shocking truth about eating eggs raw

The shocking truth about eating eggs raw

Can You Eat Raw Eggs Safely - Why it Matters?

Eating raw eggs is not always dangerous. There is no guarantee uncooked eggs are not safe to eat. Without doubt eggs are one of the most nutritious and cheapest food available. Eggs are consumed in many forms Scrambled, half boiled, full boiled, as egg curries, egg gravy and in many baking procedures.

Ever wondered if there is a risk of eating raw egg? Like most green leaves, cooking eggs will also bring down some of its nutritions benefits. Is it a good idea to have egg yolks and egg white without cooking. 

There is no law governing how we should be eating egg. Guidelines are available though. We will go in details on how to safely consume eggs.

eating raw eggs

Raw eggs Vs bacterias - foodborne illness

When a egg is not cooked fullly (raw eggs)  or cooked partially there are chances that bacterias like Salmonella are not killed. In past there were incidents of destroying large batches of raw eggs in fear of contamination of deadly bacteria "Salmonella Enteritidis".

Eggs are economical and enjoyable food. But raw eggs if not pasteurized are not safe. They can be source of foodborne illness.

What is pasteurized eggs?

As per definition of, "A pasteurized egg is an egg that has been gently heated to eliminate bacteria. The all-natural process makes the pasteurized egg safe to use in recipes that call for a raw or undercooked egg".

Though many youtube video claims to do pasteurized process home made, none of the process are officially approved. India have a very few commercially available pasteurize eggs commonly.

Is it safe to eat eggs with blood spots?

Few authentic sites in internet claims "ruptured capillary on the yolk surface during the egg formation" and are safe, fresh to eat eggs. We dont have confirmation on this. so take a informed decision to eat or discard those eggs.

Ok got it, Will Cook it

There's always a risk when skipping solid food safety practices by eating undercooked egg. So dont be casual in eating raw eggs. After all cooked eggs tastes better and nutritions are just a little less than raw eggs.

Responsible and informed health gyms do not recommend eating raw eggs for building body. do share your experience of eating raw eggs or story of avoiding raw eggs.

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