The Super Healthy Snack Package for India - Munch Box From ITiffin

The Super Healthy Snack Package for India - Munch Box From ITiffin

Quick and Healthy Snack

Most of us are not aware that we have snacking addiction. We know, we eat three times a day. Do we know? How many times do we snack. Umm.. That depends on how many breaks we take in office. Snacking is also a stress buster for many.

What is a Snack?

A snack is a portion of food, often smaller than a regular meal, generally eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged snack foods and other processed foods, as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home.

Concerns over Snack

We are in the tipping point of lifestyle issues, to a great degree due to frequent munching. Snacking is even more dangerous when we love fried items or Sugary Snacks.
Of great concern are many of the snacks like regular biscuits are consider healthy to eat. Do you know a pack of Ordinary biscuits contains loads of sugar and calories than we need for rest of the day.

Thanks to the new generation food startups who are focusing in this niche. Its time we move on from just snacking to healthy and nutritious snacking.

ITiffin - Founded in 2013 is a subscription model based healthy food delivery company. Founded by Ryan Fernando (Quo Nutrition & Nutritionist) and Tapan Kumar its backed by Cricketer Robin Uthappa. ITiffin is successful in conceptualizing and  running snacks box business. Their iconic product Munch Box - "Delivering nutritious Snacks across India on a Subscription model".

Munch box may be the perfect snack box you may be looking for. Munch box has variety of small portions of various snacks. Do not mistake healthy is not tasty. Each snack packed are crunchy and tasty. Munch box is a even mix of taste and health. Indulge in this munch box for 5 days a week.

Why Subscription Model - Munching and Snacking is part of our daily routine. eating one day healthy does not produce results. Ryan Quotes "Body takes three months to align with changes in diet. Subscription model ties in a consumer and makes him understand that they are in a eating plan. Healthy eating will result in healthy body."

Idea behind Munch box is to give more choice of food (varieties) along with diet.

Munch box is definitely worth the money spent. Your calories are checked. You are confident you snack healthy. You will also over come obsessive snacking dis-order.

What sets this Munch Box Snack box apart is that it lets you choose what you want in your own boxes.

ITiffin - Munch Box - Healthy Snacks

Subscribers can choose from 4 broader packages

  • General Wellness Munch Box
  • Diabetic Munch Box
  • Weight loss Munch Box
  • High Protein Munch Box

Munch box is going to influence the way a consumer things of snacks and good part is its delivered in you doorstep.

Happy Munching !!!