Top Natural Summer Thirst Quencher for Indian Summer

Top Natural Summer Thirst Quencher for Indian Summer

Natural Summer Thirst Quencher's for Indian Summer

Schools are closed and scorching sun is out there rising temperatures. Heat waves (a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather) are experienced across many Indian cities. High level of heat and sun has direct impact on our health. Body water content reduces drastically resulting severe impacts like sun stroke to smaller health issues.

If possible its better to avoid travelling in mid day sun where the sun is at its peak. Along with the sun comes a lot of healthy and tasty food which are typically available in summer.

Let's look at some of the naturally available summer special drinks to keep us hydrated. Also enjoy few seasonal fruits wich are available or ejnoyed only in summer.


When we talk about summer drinks, people often think about coconut water, and other commercially available summer drinks. Do not forget about plain drinking water. All summer fruits and drinks help keep you hydrated but the most important drink is water. Drink atleast 3 liters of water every day.

Curd / Yogurt / Butter milk

Curd is a important probiotic for our body. In summer curd helps to maintain body heat, it is a natural cookant. Curd can be eaten in many forms like buttermilk, lassi or chachh and raita. Cut and sprinkle few fruits like apple, berries along with onion and greens. Curd, yogurt / Butter milk will make a awesome summer dessert.

Coconut Water

There is no other substitute for coconut water when it comes to keep us hydrated for summer. Health benefits and cooling properties of coconut water is repeated many times in all available media content. so why wait for it, make sure you have at least one coconut water daily. Coconut oil also has many health benefits>.

Watermelon / Melons

Watermelon arrivals in the streat are the signs of summer. Watermelon is 90% water and is a versatile fruit which can be eaten as juice, fruit salads or just cut them and eat them raw. It is a great summer fruit which ever way you eat it. Other melons like muskmelon are a great fruit to include in our diet during summer.


Cucumber - Summer recipes

One of summers best cooling ingredient, cucumber like watermelon is also full of water. Cucumber goes well with many recipes. Eat it along with curd as raitha or slice it and eat it as cucumber. Cucumber is also tasty to eat it raw (garnish it with chilli powder and salt mix for added taste)


Refreshingly fresh mint leaves add a magical flavour in the water and in the recipes its included. Keep a bunch of mint in your fridge to use it in many ways. Mint is good for the summer too.

Lime Water

Not just summer, drinking lime water daily morning as a routine has a great impact for our health. Quench your thirst with this citrus fruit and beat the heat.Lemon is a easily available fruit around the year.

Ice Apple / Nungu

It is also called as natures cooling gel. Nungu is an excellent summer fruit and has superb cooling properties. Nungu is also very nutritious. It offers vitamin B and C. And’s rich in Iron ‘n Calcium. It’s also good for the digestive system and are supposed to have anti inflammatory properties. Not sure if it is available in north india, but in south india it is available during summer in road side shops.

Neeragaram / Pazhaya Satham

Neeragaram is one of the few best food for summer. Left over rice is mixed with water and left over night allowing it to fermenting. In the morning this rice is mixed with butter milk or curd and have it along with pickle. Not just taste, this dish is very nutritious. Have it in summer monring and start the day fresh and be active through out the day.

Infused water

If drinking water is boring then make it interesting by drinking infused water. These are nothing but fruits, herbs soaked in water and the water alone is extracted to drink. combination of infused water is literally unlimited. you can pair infused water with any fruits and herbs according to your taste.

Aam panna

Aam panna is one of the most popular summer chiller in north india. It is a refreshing drink made with mango. Aam panna has heat resistant properties suitable for north indian summer.

Flavored milk

Flavored Milk might not necesaily a healtheir option but it is far healthier than the carbonated beverage options. Enjoy our own rose milk (flavoured with rose milk essense in chill milk) in this summer. It comes with goodness of milk and taste great when chilled.

Avoid these summer drinks

  • Carbonated beverage like - pepsi / coke
  • Sugary drinks with artificial flavours like - rasna, tang
  • Sugary fruit extract juices like maaza, frooti

Fruit juices like tropicana is fine but have a watch on the sugar content in the drinks. Many of the above ingredients can be mixed and used. Recipes to beat the summer keeps evolving but our old summer recipes are the best.