Top Vegetarian Food (Fruits, Veggies and Spice) to Avoid in Indian Summer

Top Vegetarian Food (Fruits, Veggies and Spice) to Avoid in Indian Summer

Avoid Body Warming Food in Summer

When the outside temperature is scorching hot it has impact in our body too. Body generates more heat because of general hot climatic conditions. These high temperature impacts our daily routine and makes us feel tired, lose concentration and body witness fatigue.

While we focus on which food to eat in summer and drinks to quench our summer thirst, we should also learn food to avoid in summer.

Do you know food we eat can also impact our body temperature?

Do not get mis guided with perception all the vegetarian food is good for health. While most non vegetarian are warm food there are few fruits, veggies and spices we should avoid in summer.

These veggies can increase body temperature and are categorized as warm foods.

Spices to avoid during summer

Ginger, Chilli, Pepper, Garlic, Cinnamon, Cumin Seeds and Fennel Seeds should be avoided in summer. These are body heating spices. But it is fine to include asafetida (Perumkayam), fenugreek (methi, uluva or venthiyam) in your diet. These spices do not heat your body.

In South India most of the dish requires spices whether it is rasam, sambar or side dish. South India which also witness severe summer heat should avoid or add less of these body warming foods.

Avoid chapathi (roti), rather eat rice, ragi and barley. North Indians eat a lot of chapathi and in general it they avoid or reduce eating chapathi in summer. Eating roti (chapatti) would heat the body further. Roti would absorb water from your body, making you dehydrated and tired. Rice would cool your body. Rice and vegetable dish with less spices like garlic, cumin and ginger is a great option.

Fruits to avoid in summer

Avoid mangoes, pineapples, and papaya - Summer is the season for mangoes. Mangoes will be widely available in the shops and markets. But unfortunately mango is a warm food. If you love eating mango, eat equivalent body cooling foods like cucumber, pumpkin, coriander leaves and bitter guard. Do not get tempted by your mango craving. Like mango pineapples and papaya are also warm fruits. It is good to avoid or eat less during summer. do not feed kids with mango daily, for adults it may cause pimples in face.

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Vegetables to avoid in summer

Avoid moringa leaves and drumstick in summer. Moringa leaves and drumstick are found to be body warming foods. Other vegetables are good for summer.