Top Wedding Food Trends to Follow for a Fantastic Indian Wedding

Top Wedding Food Trends to Follow for a Fantastic Indian Wedding

latest trends in Indian wedding Food

Weddings in India is getting bigger, better and costlier. Simple and elegant food makes its mark but a little bit of splurge is really good.

Make sure your guests remember your wedding food for all the good reasons. With so much of diversity in India there are no limits for fusion of foods. Even the western foods are fast becoming a must in the wedding food menu planner.

Watch out for the latest trends in Indian wedding to make the wedding sweeter, tastier and remember able affair.

Do not experiment Traditional Foods

traditional south indian wedding menu

Experimenting with traditional food is considered a bad taste. Traditional food has to be authentic food. Traditional menu holds the primary menu in all typical Indian wedding. It depends on which part of India you are coming from and the local regional culture decides the menu.

Do not mess around with this menu. Good chef who is a expert in the authentic food and has a good experience to cook for large group is important. Typical attendance for a marriage can even go upwards of 2000 attendees.

Get Creative - make your guest Crave for the food

Create expectation of the menu of the dinner. Throw a surprise to guest. It depends on the group of friends and family to decide on following options. Go Organic like serving bajra, ragi and jowar, makki-ki-roti served with brown rice and rajma.  

Serving Vegan food this will be big deal for a pure vegetarian group, serving Gluten free food for health freak groups, live barbeque, Organic Salads, healthy soups in different varieties or even freshly tossed vegetables and fruits.

If you so much love food, it will be a wonderful idea to consult your chef or caterer and design a wedding recipe named after couple.

It will be an awesome idea to have like “Sachin’s Super healthy Salad” or “Aishwarya special chocolate pudding”. Chefs and food lovers are now bored of the old style names and have fun naming it with people they love. It gives a special feeling and remembered for ever.

Indian weddings live counters

Presenting food in style

Eyes do a food tour with the menus kept in the table. So if food presentation is good your guest will start craving even before actually eating it. Have bite sized desserts, ask your chef to design a appealing appetizers or sizzlers which brings happiness to guest.

Street food is a major entry in to wedding menu.  You can present snacks or street food in a food truck and live counters.

Menu should get Guest Excited

You can choose to go with two or three classy dish being served instead of 10 usual dishes that people are bored of eating. Surprise entry like Healthy green Salad for your health freak friends or serving premium Ice creams can make your guest for asking more of it.

You can set up tasting stations which rocks and gives a different food experience to guests.

Tea and Coffee are a very common and not so much talked about menu. Give a twist to the Tea and coffee served with “tea party room”. Get the most unique and refreshing tea flavours ranging from black tea, green tea, organic tea. Your guests are sure going to remember the tea tasting experience.

If you have a much large purse to spend you can have counter from branded coffee chains of the country to put up their stalls.

Food Wastage in Weddings

food wastage in weddings

Weddings in India always have large group of guest attending the functions. The numbers can go north ward from hundreds to few thousands. So estimating and preparing the right quantity of food is almost an impossible task. In India wedding food wastages are estimated several hundred crore rupees. Indian government is planing to bring a law to control this.

It will be a good idea to plan how to handle the food wastage. There are old age home and orphanage that will be happy to pick it up if given proper instructions. When we splurge a lot of money to make the function memorable to our guests we will also be receiving blessings from this needy brothers and sisters.

Wedding Food experience is a very memorable part of wedding both for the host, guest and for the caterers who take so much pain to keep the taste buds of hundreds of guest happy. Share your experience of good wedding foods you can still cherish and share with your friends.