Ways to use cooking salt like an expert chef

Ways to use cooking salt like an expert chef

Salt to enhance taste of recipes

Impact Salt has on the taste of any cuisine is undisputed. It’s a complicated process to understand how salt works in food. But as a cook it’s important to know about salt to enhance the taste of recipes. Salt in chemical term is “Sodium chloride” which gives us the salty taste. Salt is a essential item for humans to live and is also loved by all of us due to the magic it does in food.

Salt gives twists and turns to all the world cuisines. There is no single cuisine which can avoid salt. Salt has the ability to suppress bitterness and enhance the sweet and savory.

Handle it with Care:

If Salt is not handled with care it can completely spoil the entire dish, also our health too. So as a cook we have to know to handle it properly. If we know the importance of salt and how it works along with each of the ingredients it’s easy. Before we master the technique there are few cheat sheets we have shared below. Even the experts make mistake in adding the right mix of salt but they know how to correct it. Get ready to play with a bit of salt.

Handle salt with care

Handling excess Salt in food:

When salt is excess in Curd or Raita, just grind a little coconut, green chilies and coriander leaves to a fine paste and add to it Curd or Raita. This will not only adjust the saltiness but the grounded paste enhances the taste and gives a new dimension as well.

When salt is excess in Curry or Gravy, you don’t have to grind coconut and add all the time. You can add a paste of sautéed onions and tomatoes to the curry. This way, the curry tastes great!

When salt is excess in veggies fry, try adding cooked Dal to make Koottu (vegetable curry). You can also add onion, tomato and garlic to give elevate taste, and this method gives excellent results.

When salt is excess in Vathakuzhambu, add coconut milk and convert it into Kaarakuzhambu.

When salt is excess in gravies like Paneer butter Masala, add boiled potatoes and fresh cream to enhance the taste.

Salt in kitchen

Do you know?

Before boiling potatoes, soak them in water with salt for half an hour. This makes potatoes get boiled very soon.

When you fry dry chilies, add a pinch of salt so that it prevents you from coughing and sneezing while frying.

While mixing dough for chapatti, apply little oil or salt on your palm, to avoid the flour from sticking to your fingers and palm.

When you store fried items in an air-tight box, place a small cloth tied with Jeera-Salt powder, so that it helps the food items retain freshness for more days.

Its impossible to give a fail proof perfect salt recipe. Covering all salt related questions is impossible too, so the above compilation is just a "pinch of salt" contribution from us.

Image Source: Pixabay.com