What are the Benefits of Eating Bajra / Kambu / Pearl Millet

What are the Benefits of Eating Bajra / Kambu / Pearl Millet

What is Pearl Millet (Kambu / Bajra) Benefits and Nutritional Values

Pearl millet (Kambu - in tamil) is a millet variety which is vegan and gluten free. India is a highest producer and consumer of pearl millet. It is also part of whole grains like Ragi - (finger millets).

Pearl Millet (Bajra - in hindi) are rich in proteins (highest for any grain) and minerals. Bajra is a cereal grown and consumed extensively in India due to its several health benefits.

It contains several essential minerals like phosphorus, zinc, magnesium etc. It contains essential vitamins and amino acids, which contribute to its therapeutic properties.

Advancements in food science and change in eating habits has made good and bad impact on us. Many local traditional cuisine have become a delicacy or a savory in remote parts of the world. But we have also lost few local foods which are healthy for us.

Advertised and marketed foods have stayed focused in today's food context. Other foods  like millets have lost its importance.

Eating habits are a by product of the local climatic and environmental conditions. Example - seashore places had more seafood's and tropical areas had most of the veggies. Cold countries had meat and are stored for longer time, because they cannot have regular crop.

It is old school to educate people to go back to their roots. But it is also important to bring back the lost traditional recipes.

We have started realizing changing food culture has impact on health issues. Diabetes, heart ailments and lifestyle issues are increasing in a fast pace.

Abundant protein is present in bajra (kambu) which is also cheap and easily available. Why buy costly cereals like Kellogg and other brand processed food.

Benefits of Bajra | Kambu | Pearl Millets

Pearl Millet is Beneficial for Heart health

Pearl Millet Helps in bone growth development and repair

Pearl Millet Reduces cancer risk

Pearl Millet Helps in weight loss

Pearl Millet is Beneficial for diabetes

Pearl Millet helps Reduces Cholesterol

Drawbacks of eating Pearl Millets / Kambu / Bajra:

There is no side effects of eating bajra (kambu) on regular basis, but it is good to execute precaution for taking bajra while you are suffering from lose bowel movements or other ailments.

Pearl millet (bajra) takes a long time to digest so if you have a lazy life style it can cause digestive discomfort.

Kambu / Bajra / Pearl Millet Recipes

Pearl Millet Recipes

One of the most common recipe of Kambu is Kambu Koozh - from south India. Farmers take it as a staple cereal before going to work in fields. Kambu takes a long time to digest so it helps farmers to work more time in the fields without feeling hungry.

Kambu Koozh

Kambu dosai / Instant Kambu dosai is another recipe common across south india.

Kambu rice / Kambu sadham

Kambu maavu - sweet puttu recipe/Pearl millet flour puttu recipe for breakfast.

Kambu (Bajra) Idli

Kambu Adai | Pearl Millet Adai

kambu Pidi Kolukatai

Kambu Vegetable Kuzhi Paniyaram

How to eat kambu | bajra

Best accomplishment for kambu kool is with fresh onion (peeled & sliced) along with mango pickle or pickle of your choice.
You can soak kambu and keep in fridge and consume it for few days. It stays good for 3-4 days when properly maintained
Eat bajra based food for breakfast. As bajra takes a long time to digest it is advised to take in morning where we are physically more active and body gets more time to digest.

Kambu is tagged as a healthy diet recipe, but it is a normal cereal which can be consumed on regular basis and not just for particular health condition or weight loss.