What is Cold - Pressed Juice? Is it Worth Paying more for Cold Pressed Juice?

What is Cold - Pressed Juice? Is it Worth Paying more for Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold - pressed Juice

Do you know what is Cold - pressed juice? We are familiar with our conventional juice making process (squeeze it or blend it in a mixer), which is an age old method to extract juice from fruits. In recent years supermarket shelves are stacked with many fruit juices either in bottles or in tetra packs.

Most of the furit juice labels have "fresh", "100% Juice" etc. Ever wondered how are the juice fresh if it can be kept for months in a bottle?
Why are they popular?  How much of the claims made by these juice companies are true?

What is cold pressed juice

Out of many options available today, let's look at cold pressed juices. This is the latest and most popular among food tech industry. Cold pressed juice claims to be high in nutrition and even high in cost.

Cold pressed juice refers to juices that use hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This method of making juice gained popularity after year 2000 and hype to these products started around year 2013. Other methods of juicing are centrifugal or single auger which involves heat to extract juice.

Making of Cold Pressed Juice

Making of cold pressed juice is not much different from regular juice making. Below are the two steps for making cold pressed juice.

  • Grind the fruit and vegetables into a pulp
  • Use a hydraulic juice press to squeeze the water out of the pulp, creating juice.

If the extracted juice undergoes HPP (high pressure processing) juice is good to be stored for about 30 days. If the juice does not undergo HPP or pasteurization it can be stored up to 2 - 4 days.

These juices are bottled and also sold in juice bars. Health conscious consumers prefer this drink as a source of instant energy and getting sufficient nutrients for the body with a single serving of juice.

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Drawbacks of Cold Pressed Juice

High sugar and low fibre content is one major drawback of cold pressed juice.

Is it worth Paying More?

Price of cold pressed juice will be high when compared with other bottled juice options available.

Are we paying fair price for the juice we drink? Answer is clear yes if we consider following benefits.

  • If pure organic fruits and vegetables (free of pesticides) are used then cost goes high
  • If we aim to get same nutrients (quantity) from fresh juice we need more fruits and price may well be as costly as commercial cold pressed juice

Without any doubt homemade juice consumed fresh is the best option to get sufficient nutrients. If you are time crunched or lazy to make that glass of juice then cold pressed juice is the best alternative.