What Is Paleo Diet?

What Is Paleo Diet?

Know About The New Old way of Diet - Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is a type of diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans. It mainly consists of meat, sea foods, fruits, vegetables, boiled eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.

This diet has a restriction to consumption of cereal and dairy products. Legumes, refined sugar, salt, refined vegetable oils, potatoes and processed or canned food items are also not included in this diet.

Some people prefer this diet over a normal diet. Now, you must be wondering why they would skip cereals or dairy products which contain proteins needed for our body.


•    Grass-produced meats
•    Fish/seafood
•    Fresh fruits and veggies
•    Eggs
•    Nuts and seeds
•    Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)


•    Cereal grains
•    Legumes (including peanuts)
•    Dairy
•    Refined sugar
•    Potatoes
•    Processed foods
•    Salt
•    Refined vegetable oils

A Paleo diet has both its Pros and Cons.

A Paleo diet does not mention anything about the quantity of the item. It only describes what one should include and should not include in this diet. So, we should have some extra amount of same products to balance the needed amount of protein and other essential nutrients.
This is the major drawback with this type of diet. For instance, having a large amount of lettuce leaf everyday might not cause any trouble.  But in taking a large amount of nuts could upset your tummy. Thus, to have a proper paleo diet, one must make a healthy chart and make a balanced amount of all the foods. One should also keep a note of over consumption of certain products, to maintain good health.

The Paleo diet for athletes recommends them to have food products like eggs and fruits two hours before an exercise.  But, with an exception that they cannot have apples, berries, dates, grapes, figs, mangoes, pears, bananas, oranges, pineapple, or grapefruit.

Thus, it actually excludes most of the fruits from it. Moreover, the diet is rich with protein, but has less amount of carbohydrate content. This means that you will have less amount of energy available to your body.

Benefits of Paleo Diet

One of the major benefits of this diet is that you would be following a clean diet. You will probably live a long, healthy life, since you don't eat any kind of processed or diluted products. Other than this, it is a good anti-inflammatory and the iron content is high in this type of diet.