What is the difference between Lime and Lemon?

What is the difference between Lime and Lemon?

Lemons vs Lime

Do you know Lime and Lemon are two different fruit but from the same citrus fruit. Many either get confused between these or they are not even aware its two different fruits.

Let us analyse the difference between these. There are a lot of similarity in both Lime and Lemons and mostly are used in food and drinks. Commonly used in Cooking and Cocktails. When it comes to nutrition benefits too it’s more or less similar.



Lime is low in Calories and highly nutritious

Lime is green in color and more acidic

Lime has sour, acidic taste

Rich in Vitamin A, Calcium



Lemon is low in calories and highly nutritious

Lemon is yellow in color and big in size and less acidic compared to Lime

Lemons have bitter, acidic taste.  

Rich in Vitamin C, Folate (important during pregnancy)


Both lime and lemon are rich in source of good dietary fiber and help to meet the daily needs of Vitamin B-9. Also lime and lemons contains limonoids which is good for health. Both lime and lemons have good antioxidants and anti cancer properties.

Regular intake of lime has tons of health benefits and prevents diseases.

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